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Just as Jesus braided the Creating Fiat with His Redeeming Fiat, so does He want the Third Fiat to be braided with the Creating and Redeeming Fiat.


 book of heaven9

1/23/24 – Vol. 16

Just as Jesus braided the Creating Fiat with His Redeeming Fiat, so does He want the Third Fiat to be braided with the Creating and Redeeming Fiat.  The Humanity of Jesus is smaller than His Eternal Will.

I was abandoning all of myself in the Holy Will of God, and I thought to myself:  ‘The Fiat formed the whole universe, and in the Fiat the Divinity made display of Its Love toward man, exposing it in each created thing, in such a way that, impressed in each created thing, one can see that Fiat which, with such great Mastery, Power and Harmony, was released from the Divine Bosom toward the creature.  The Fiat formed the Redemption, so much so, that in each thing which the Eternal Word did, the Fiat is present, and surrounding them like a Crown, It gives them Life.  So, the Creating Fiat and the Redeeming Fiat are braided together, and one Echoes within the other, forming one single Fiat, as there is no created Act which my sweet Jesus did not braid with the requital of His Fiat.  Now, my adored Jesus has told me many times that the Third Fiat is needed so that the works of Creation and Redemption may be completed.  So, how will this be done?  Who will form so many Fiats as to braid the Creating Fiat and the Redeeming Fiat?’  While I was thinking of this, my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, if the Supreme Majesty released so much Love toward mankind in all the things created by His omnipotent Fiat, it was right that I, His Son, in His same Fiat, would do as many acts to requite Him for His Love, braiding His Fiat with Mine, so that another Fiat, human and Divine, might rise from the earth to exchange the Kiss with His Fiat, be braided with It, and substitute for the return of Love of all creatures.  Until I came upon earth, the Fiat which was spread throughout all Creation was alone; but as I came, It was no longer alone.  Indeed, My First Task was that of forming as many Acts in the Eternal Fiat for as many as My Father had done in Creation.   So, with My Fiat, the Creating Fiat had Its Sweet and Harmonious company.

Now, this Fiat does not want to remain in two – It wants the Third Fiat, It wants to be in three, and this Third Fiat it is you (Luisa) who will do.  This is why many times I (Jesus) have drawn you outside of yourself, and I have placed you (Luisa) within that very Creating and Redeeming Fiat – so that you might do your flight, and as you would braid your Fiat with Ours, the Creating and Redeeming Fiat might be braided by the Third Fiat, your own.  The more you (Luisa) operate in Our Fiat, the sooner you will reach the Way of Our Fiat; and just as in the Fiat of Creation many Prodigious and Beautiful things – the whole universe – came out of Us, and the Fiat of Redemption substituted for all the acts of creatures, taking Its lost child by the hand to lead him back into the Bosom of His Celestial Father, so will the Third Fiat, once It has done Its course, let Its Effects be seen:  that My Divine Will be known and loved, and take Its dominion in order to have Its Kingdom upon earth.  Each additional act of yours which you (Luisa) will braid with Our Fiat, will be a human kiss that you will have Our Fiat be given, a greater bond that you will form between the Divine Will and the human will, in such a way that, placed in accord, It may have no reluctance to making Itself known and taking Its Royal Dominion.  Everything is in making Itself known – the rest will come by itself.  This is why many times I have recommended to you that you omit to write nothing of what regards My Divine Will – because Knowledge is the Way, and Its Light serves as Trumpet to call those who are listening, to make itself heard; and the more the Trumpet sounds – and it sounds more for as many more Knowledges as it has, to be manifested – the more people will rush up.  Knowledge takes the attitude now of Pulpit, now of Teacher, now of compassionate father and excessive Lover; in sum, it has all the ways in Its Power in order to enter the hearts, to Conquer them and to Triumph in everything.  And the more Knowledges it contains, the more ways It has in Its Power.”

Almost confused by what Jesus was telling me, I said:  ‘My sweet Love, You know how miserable I am and in what state I find myself; therefore I feel it is impossible for me that with my acts I may reach the same way as that of the Creating Fiat and of the Redeeming Fiat.’  And Jesus:  “So, Our Fiat does not contain all the Power It wants?  If It did it in Creation and in Redemption, how can It not be able to do it in you (Luisa)?  What it takes is your will, and I will impress My Fiat in yours, just as I impressed My Divine Fiat in the will of My Humanity; so we will follow the same Way.  My Will can do anything; in My All-Seeingness It will make present to you (Luisa) the Acts of Creation and Redemption, and you (Luisa), with ease, with your acts will braid the Third Fiat to Our Fiat.  Aren’t you happy?”  And I, in seeing that my adored Jesus, as he was speaking about His Will, was disappearing from me, remaining as though eclipsed within an Immense Light, just as when the sun makes the stars disappears, eclipsing them within its light, said:  ‘Jesus, my Life, do not speak to me about Your Will, because then You eclipse Yourself within Its Light, and I lose You, and remain alone without You.  How can it be that Your Will makes me lose my Life, my All?’  And Jesus added:  “My daughter (Luisa), My Humanity is smaller than My Eternal Will; It has Its boundaries, Its limits, and therefore, as My endless Will draws near you with Its Knowledges, My Humanity is lost within Its Light, and as though eclipsed.  This is why you do not see Me, but I remain always in you (Luisa), and I enjoy, as I see the little newborn of My Divine Will eclipsed within the same Light as My Humanity.  So, we are together, but because our sight is dazzled by the blazing Light of the Supreme Volition, we cannot see each other.”


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