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Reason, the eye of the soul, is light that makes her know the beauty of her good works. What are the Rights of the Divine Will, how in It there are no intentions, but Acts.


2/24/35 – Vol. 33

Reason, the eye of the soul, is light that makes her know the beauty of her good works.  What are the Rights of the Divine Will, how in It there are no intentions, but Acts.

            luisa1I am always in the Arms of the Divine Will, and although between the intense bitternesses of the privations of my sweet Jesus, that more than sea inundates my poor soul, Its inaccessible Light that it is not given to me either to enclose completely in my soul, nor to understand it, never leaves me.  Rather, the sea of my bitternesses super-abounds; It makes use of it as Victory and Conquest that It makes over my poor human will.  So, I thought to myself that all the Value, all the Good, it seems to me that everything is of the Divine Will, and nothing remains to me.

            But while I thought this, my sweet Jesus, my dear Life, making me His brief little visit, all Goodness told me:  “My blessed daughter (Luisa), you must know that We Gifted the creature with reason so that she would know the Good and evil that she did.  And in every act that she could do, if Good, she would be Gifted with New Merit, New Grace, New Beauty, and greater Union with her Creator; if bad, she would endure a suffering from it.  That suffering makes felt the weakness and distance from He who had Created her.

            “Reason is the eye of the soul and light that, while the creature makes her way, it lets her know the Beauty of her Good works, the Fruit of her sacrifices, and it knows how to torture her when she does evil.  Reason has this Virtue:  if the creature operates Good, she feels herself at her place of Honor, and as king of herself she has Order; and in Virtue of the Merit that she acquires, she feels Strength and Peace.  And if she does evil, she feels completely disordered, and slave of her own evils.

            “Now, if the creature does Good Acts in My Divine Will in Virtue of the reason that she has, We give her the Merit of Divine Acts.  The Merit is given to her according to what she knows and according to what the human will wants to operate:  if in Ours, she elevates herself so much that she does not remain in the depths of human actions, although good, but she comes into Our Divine Volition, and as sponge she dives within and soaks her acts with Light, with Sanctity, with Love, in a way that her act disappears in Ours, and Our Divine Act reappears.  Therefore with Justice the Divine Merit must flow, and since in Our Divine Will she loses the human prestige, one thinks that the creature does nothing, but it is not true.  If It Operates, it is in virtue of the thread of the human volition that It has received in Its Hands that forms the Triumph and Its Conquests over the act of the creature, and of the human reason that voluntarily comes to ceding its received rights as Homage and Mastery to He who has received her.

            “And this is more than doing, because God has received the exchange for the most Beautiful Gifts that He gave to the creature, that is, reason and will.  With this she gives Us everything that she can give Us, she recognizes Us, she strips herself of herself, she Loves Us with pure Love.  And so much is Our Love, that We clothe her with Ourselves, We give her Our Works, in a way that We and she can say:  ‘We do it together.’  We will place each other in the conditions that the creature will not be able to do anything without Our Will.  And so much is Our Goodness, that even when the creature does good humanly, since reason always flows in Good, We give her the human merit, because it is Our usual Way to not leave not even one good act of the creature without reward.  One can say that We are all Eyes over her in order to see in what We could reward her.”

            After this He was silent, and I continued to think how this Divine Will is all Eyes over us, It Loves us so much and never leaves us one instant.

            And my sweet Jesus resumed by saying:  “My daughter (Luisa), My Divine Will is everything for the creature.  Without It she would not be able to live even one minute.  All her acts, motions, and steps, can be called feedings, servings that My Volition makes her, and the creature receives them.  She feels them in herself and does not know either who feeds her, nor who gives Life to her life, and therefore for many it is as if My Divine Will were not for them, and they do not give It the Rights owed that it is appropriate to give It.  So it is necessary that they know what are these Rights of My Divine Volition in order that by knowing them they could exchange It and know who is the One who is the Life of their life, and that they are nothing other than the coverings, statues animated by It.

            “Now, the Rights are Innumerable:  Right of Creation, Right of Conservation, of continuous Animation.  Everything that It has Created, and that serves for the well-being of man, constitutes one of Its Rights over him.  Therefore the sun, the air, the wind, the water, the earth, and everything, have been Created and given to man by My Divine Will.  So, for however many things It has given him, so many more Rights It has over man.  My Redemption, the pardon after sin, My Grace, the Good to Operate, are greater Rights that It acquires over him.  One can say that he is as kneaded in My Divine Will, and yet It is not known.  What Sorrow not to be recognized!  Now, in order to have the Triumph, the Life of My Divine Will in the creature, it is necessary that she knows what It has done, what It does for Love of her, and what Its Just Rights are.  And when she knows this, she will place herself in order with My Volition; she will feel the One who it is who gives her Life, the One who moves in her motion, the One who beats in her heart.  And while she will receive from It Life that forms her life, she will re-give to It as Homage, Love, and Glory, that same Life that It forms in her.  Then My Divine Will will receive Its Rights, and everything that is Its, that with so much Love It had given her, will return into Its Womb of Light.  In sum, It will feel Reborn again in Its arms she who with so much Love It had Created.

            “O!  if everyone knew the Rights of My Divine Will, Its ardent and constant Love that is so much that while It gives her Life, It puts her forth to the light of day.  More than mother, so much is Its Jealousy of Love, that It does not leave her for one instant; It invests her inside and outside, from above and from below, to the right and to the left.  And although the creature might not know It, nor love It, with Divine Heroism It continues to Love her and to make Itself Life and Bearer of the acts of the creature.  O!  My Divine Will, You alone know how to Love with Heroic, Strong, Incredible, and Infinite Love, her whom You Created and who does not even recognize You.  Human ingratitude, how great you are.”

            So I felt that I touched with my hand the Great Love of the Divine Fiat, and I thought to myself:  “How can one Live in It?  Perhaps by always placing the intention of Living in It?”

            And my always Lovable Jesus added:  “My good daughter (Luisa), Living in My Divine Will there are no intentions.  Intention serves for when they cannot do the acts, because there lacks the One who has the Virtue of giving Life to all the Good that the creature wants to do.  And this is outside of Living in My Volition, and I give the merit to them not as acts, but as Holy intentions.

            “On the other hand, My Divine Will is the Vivifying, Active, and Operating Virtue, in a way that for everything that the creature wants to do, she finds the One who forms the Life of her acts, she feels the Vivifying Strength that Vivifies her act and it converts into works.  Therefore, in My Divine Will all things change; all things possess the Life, the Love, the Prayer, the Adoration, the Good that she wants to do.  All the Virtues are Full of Life, therefore they are not subject to ending, to changing, because the One who administers Life to her keeps her with Itself so that they Live together, and I give her the Merit of Works Animated by My Divine Will.

            “What difference between the intention and the Works.  The intention symbolizes the poor, the sick, who, not being able to do, they would want to at least with their good will exercise charity, propagate good, do who knows how many beautiful things, but poverty, sickness, hinders them and renders them almost prisoners without being able to attain the good that they want to do.

            “On the other hand, Operating in My Divine Will symbolizes the rich who, having riches at her disposition, the intention has no value, because if she wants she can do charity, she can go where she wants, she can do good to everyone, help everyone.  Such and so many are the Riches of My Volition, that the creature loses herself in It, and with full hands she can take what she wants in order to help everyone, and even more, without making either noise, or racket, almost like Light she silently brings help, then withdraws.”

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