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In the Divine Will there is no hindrance to the Love of God


2/27/19 – Vol. 12

In the Divine Will there is no hindrance to the Love of God.

L_Luisa_Reading-a2Continuing in my usual state, as blessed Jesus comes, He almost always calls me into His Will to repair or to substitute for the acts of the creatures in a Divine Manner. Now, in coming, He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), what a stench emanates from the earth! I can find no place for Myself; and because of the stench, I AM forced to run away from the earth. However, you (Luisa) can make for Me some sweet-smelling air, suitable for Me. Do you know how? By doing what you (Luisa) do in My Will. As you do your Acts, you will form for Me a Divine Air; and I will come to breathe It, finding a place for Me on earth. And since My Will circulates everywhere, everywhere will I feel the air which you (Luisa) will form for Me, and it will blow away the bad air which the earth sends Me.”

After a little while, He came back and added: “My daughter (Luisa), how much darkness! It is such that the earth seems to be covered with a black mantle, to the extent that the creatures can no longer see. Either they have remained blind, or they have no Light to be able to see; and I want not only Divine Air for Me, but also Light. Therefore, let your Acts be continuous in My Will, so that you may not only form Air for your Jesus, but also Light. You (Luisa) will be My Reflector, the Reflection of My Love and of My very Light. Even more, I tell you that as you (Luisa) do your Acts in My Volition, you will raise Tabernacles. Not only this, but as you keep forming your thoughts, desires, words, reparations and Acts of Love, many Hosts will be unleashed from you (Luisa), because they are Consecrated by My Will.

Oh, what a free outpouring My Love will have! I will have free field in everything – no more obstruction. I will have as many Tabernacles as I want. The Hosts will be innumerable; we will Communicate each other in every instant, and I too will cry out: ‘Freedom! Freedom! Come all into My Will, and you will enjoy True Freedom!’ Outside of My Will, how many obstructions does the soul not find! But in My Will she is Free. I leave her free to Love Me as she wants; even more, I tell her: ‘Lay down your human remains – take what is Divine. I AM not mean and jealous with My Goods; I want you to take everything. Love Me immensely – take, take all My Love; make My Power your own; make My Beauty your own. The more you take, the Happier your Jesus will be.’ The earth forms few Tabernacles for Me; the Hosts are almost numbered. And then, the sacrileges, the irreverences that they do to Me – oh, how offended and hindered My Love is! But in My Will – no hindrance; not a shadow of offense. The creature gives Me Love, Divine Reparations and Complete Correspondence; she substitutes together with Me for all the evils of the human family. Be attentive, and do not move from the Point at which I Call you and want you.”

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