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What one additional act that the creature does in the Divine Will is


2/26/37 – Vol. 34

What one additional act that the creature does in the Divine Will is:  it is Harmony, Music, it is the Overwhelming of Heaven and earth, it is the Installation that she forms in God, and God in her.


I felt my little and poor soul surrounded by the Divine Will.  Inside and outside of me, to the right and to the left, It flows even under my feet, everywhere It runs in order to tell me:  “It is I who forms your Life, who warms you with My Heat, who forms your motion, your breath.  Recognize me because your life is animated by Mine, and I will do things Worthy of Me in you.”

“But while my mind lost itself in the Fiat, my sweet Jesus, making me His brief little visit, as if He felt the need of Love to speak to me about His Volition, told me: (Luisa) “My little daughter of My Volition, My Love repressed in Me feels the need of pouring Itself out, otherwise It gives Me such deliriums, that I feel Myself suffocated by My own Flames.  Therefore My Speaking is an Outpouring of Love, it is a Relief to My Heart, and in order to refresh Myself I go finding who wants to listen to Me.  Now listen to where My Love reaches, and the Great Prodigy of the Operating Life of My Will in the creature.  One additional act that the creature does in My Will is one more Harmony that she casts between Heaven and earth.  It is one New Celestial Music that she forms for her Creator, who likes it so much, more so because it comes from the earth, because the things of Heaven are all Ours, no one can say in the Celestial Fatherland that he gives to Us, but We are the ones who give to them, who Felicitate and Beatify everyone. 

“On the other hand, the soul on earth can say:  ‘I give to my Creator,’ and feeling Ourselves enraptured, We give Our Will anew as Operating Life in her, so that it forms for Us other New and more Beautiful Music.  How Beautiful it is to hear Our Heaven on earth, to hear New Celestial Music that comes from the wayfaring soul.  All Heaven makes a New Feast, and We feel that also the earth is Ours, and We Love it more.  In every additional act that she does in My Divine Will, is an Overwhelming of Heavens and earth because everyone, Angels, Saints, run in that Act, even Creation itself, in order to take their place of Honor in the Operating Act of My Will.  No one wants to remain outside of the Act of My Divine Fiat.  The True Centralization of everything and everyone happens, nor would My Will be able to do less than to keep in Its Act all those where It Reigns. 

“When it Operates, My Will wants to enclose everything and give everything, because It does not know how to do incomplete Acts, but Complete and with the Fullness of all Goods.  But who can tell you, My daughter (Luisa), what happens in that Overwhelming of Heaven and earth, in that Operating Act of My Volition in the creature?  That it moves everyone.  That each one wanting his place in that Act, such Marvels happen, such Unheard-of Prodigies, such moving scenes, that the Heavens are surprised and remain ecstatic before the Operating Power of My Will—but where?  In the little circle of the creature.  And they remain anxious to be Overwhelmed again in the Operating Act of My Will in her.  O! how they long for it, they feel themselves more embellished, and they experience the Beautiful Happiness of the Conquering Act of My Will in the creature, that which is lacking to them in Heaven because up there, there are no conquests, nor can they acquire them.   An ‘enough’ and ‘no more’ is placed on what they have done on earth. 

“But this is still not everything.  One additional Act that she does in My Will is an Incorporating of God in the creature, and the creature in God.  It is an installation in each other, and the Life of the One flows in the other, almost like blood in the veins.  It is the Fusion of the human heartbeat in the Eternal Heartbeat, and she feels in herself as Life the Love, the Sanctity, the Life of her Creator.  And the Eternal One feels flow in Himself the little love of the creature, who Living in Him forms One Single Love, and One Single Will.  Every breath, heartbeat, and motion, are wounds, arrows, darts of Love that she gives to He who has Created her.  And O! the whole of Heaven remains as amazed, that they look at God and find the creature Fused in Him, who Loves with His Love and with Conquering Love.  They look at the creature on earth, and they find their Creator who, while He has His Throne in her, Lives together with her.  These are the Greatest Excesses of Our Love toward she whom We Love so much. 

“When We find the creature who lends herself and denies Us nothing, We do not look at her littleness, but We look rather to what We know and can do, because We can do everything.  And making a display of Our Love and of all Our Divine Being, We Invest the creature and let Ourselves be invested, and We do Great Things Worthy of Us, but with such Magnanimity, that everyone remains surprised and amazed.  It is enough to tell you that every additional Act that she does in My Will, as if We were to have need of the creature, We give so much that We increase greater Bonds of Union, of Love, on both parts, and We arrive at giving New Rights to her over Our Divine Being, and to Us over her. 

“So Great is this Operating Act of Our Fiat in her, that the centuries are not enough to say what happens in her.  Neither the Angels nor the Saints can tell all the Good that it contains, only your Jesus can tell you all the Good that is formed in this Act, because I being the Operator, I know how to say what I do and the Great Value that I placed within there.  Therefore be attentive.  Greater Contentment, Love, and Glory you cannot give Me, than lending Me your little acts, your little love, in order to let My Will descend into them so as to let My Will Operate.  Its Love is so much, that It feels the need of having Its Field of Action in the little acts of the creature.”





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