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The Cross

Luisa1From the Hours of the Passion

The Eighteenth Hour

From 10 to 11 AM

Jesus takes up the Cross and walks toward Calvary,

where He is stripped

My Jesus, insatiable love, I see that You give Yourself no peace, I feel Your fidgets of Love, Your Pains. Your Heart beats strongly; in every heartbeat I feel bursts, tortures, violences of Love; and unable to contain the Fire that devours You, You pant, moan, sigh, and in each moan I hear You say: “Cross!” Each drop of Your Blood repeats: “Cross!” All Your Pains, through which You swim as though in an interminable sea, repeat among themselves: “Cross!” And You exclaim: “O Cross, beloved and longed for, You alone will save My children, and I concentrate in You all My Love!”

Letters from the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta

2.  To Sister Giovannina.


To my dear Sister M. Giovannina, in memory of her vows, always with Jesus.

The mind toward Heaven, the gaze to the Cross, the heart loving Him, the arms always in the act of hugging Him, the steps calling Him, the words saying always “Fiat”.  In each thing never escape from acquiring a degree of sanctity.  Make yourself a saint; Jesus wants it, make Him content.


The little daughter of the Divine Will

Corato, May 14, 1932


4.  “For the good Sister Giovannina”.


Blessed daughter,

Thank you for your wishes; as for my wishes, I send you the Crucifix, so that you may look at Him and copy Him, love Him and enclose Him in your heart.  And to console Him, may you place your will into His Hands, so that He may Reign in you, and form His Heaven of Love and of Perennial Peace.

Pray for me.

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