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Every Pain is an ‘I Love you’ from Jesus



My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

LUISA14I recommend that you never move away from the Divine Will.  Live always in Its maternal arms, like a baby in the arms of her mother.  Place your sufferings in Its maternal hands, that It may use them to make you a saint and to do good to all creatures.  How happy you will feel, thinking that your sufferings serve to save souls, to console Jesus, to kiss His wounds, to tell Him that you love Him!  In every pain you suffer, tell Jesus to bring you His Love.  Love Him always, and Jesus will be wounded by your love and will love you more… Think that every pain you suffer is an “I love you”, a kiss, an affection, a hug that Jesus sends you.  In this way you will feel strength in your sufferings, and the joy which the pains suffered for Jesus bring.  May the Divine Will be your dwelling, your food, your life.  May the continuous word on your lips be:  “I want to do your Will and live in It!”  In this way you will feel strengthened, and the pains you suffer will be sweetened.

I leave you in the Divine Will to make yourself a saint (…)


Corato, November 13, 1943

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