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Take Your Place of Honor in the Whole Order of Creation


Letter #89 – Oh, how happy It will be to live Its Divine Life with the creature who Knows It, because only Knowledge gives us the highest Good of possessing It.  It makes Its Goods our own, and – oh, how happy It is to let us Live with Its own Will and to see us possessing Its own Goods!  In this Holy Divine Will, It sees the seas of Its Love no longer desert, but populated by Its children.  Therefore, let us hold dear taking refuge in the Divine Will as our life.

Letter #70 – Whatever one does for God is never lost; rather, the seed is formed, which, in sprouting, makes Life be born again, more flourishing, strong and beautiful.  Everything you have done, both for yourself and for others, is seeds that you have formed – seeds which make the Life of the Divine Will be born again.  However, our cooperation is needed – our repeated acts in the FIAT, which like beneficial water, water the seed in order to form the life.  And once the life has been formed, it takes our will united with His in order to make it grow; it takes our continuous love in order to nourish it.  Therefore, nothing is lost for us, if we really want to live from the Divine Will.  This Life exists within us, it did not escape; however, one must not abandon it, but make it grow and nourish it.  The trouble is, rather, for those who have not yet Known it, because Knowledge is necessary in order to possess.

Letter #112 – .  A Good cannot be possessed if it is not Known; and as we get to Know it, our capacity is expanded and this good takes Its royal place in us.  So, Its Sanctity, Its Beauty, Its Love are increased in us, and it forms its little Divine Seas within our soul.  This is why all the effort of the enemy is to prevent the Knowledge of the Divine Will from coming out to light, because he would lose his kingdom on earth.

The first thing that the Divine Will does when It is Known is to transform us in Good, and to floor our passions.

… You must know that for everything we do to make It Known, the Divine Will takes Its place in us and does everything Itself.  We are nothing but concurrent, giving It the place in order to let It work and do whatever It wants.

Letter #122 – (…) In order to possess a good, it is necessary to Know itKnowledge makes one love and appreciate the good possessed; it makes us rise again in the good Known; it gives us Divine Likeness.  So, every additional act we do in the Divine Will is one more Divine Likeness that we receive; and Jesus loves us so much as to endow us with His Love, His Sanctity, His Light and perennial peace, and He declares us His legitimate children.  Therefore, let us pray and let us never allow the Divine Will to escape us – both in small and in great things, both in spiritual and in natural things – because everything is of God, and it is just that we recognize the Divine Will as prime act in everything (…)

Letter #65 – Dearest son, you must Know that this is a task which God gave us in Creation.  The origin of our existence was formed in the center of the Supreme Fiat.  God created our human will as His Divine Room, as a secret office, in which He was to live together with us, and have His pulpit in order to teach us the celestial doctrine of His Will.  Therefore, no law can impose us not to Live in It; neither the Holy Church, as much as we bow and adore Her dispositions, nor God Himself can say to us:  “I do not want you to Live in My Will”, because He Himself, with highest Wisdom, gave us the right by creation.  By Living in It, we must be the dwelling of God, the bearers of our Creator; the ones in whom, in order to pour out His delirium of love, He was to become the narrator of His Divine Being within the secret room of our human will.  And therefore He wants us to Know how much He loves us, and that He wants us to live in His Will with that same love with which children and Father live…

Letter #86 – But the most beautiful wish I can send you is that your will rise again in the Divine Will, so that you may take your place of honor in the whole order of Creation, where God wants us to be.

Letter #87 – Dearest one in the Divine Volition, I don’t know how to thank you for your desire to help me like a son, if I were in need of the necessary things.  Thank you, thank you!  Even more, I want to tell you a secret which has been promised by the Divine Fiat:  It will take to heart the destiny of all those who will live from It, and will provide them with everything they need, for both the soul and the body.  It will make them lack nothing, and if necessary, even with miraculous means.  We will find ourselves in the conditions of Creation, in which one created thing has no need of the other, but all are rich in themselves.  However, they remain in highest accord and never move from their place.  Our place is the Divine Will.  If we live in It, It will keep us at Its table and nothing will be lacking to us.  How good is the Lord!  Let us thank Him from the heart.

Letter #132 – I answer to your dear letter.  To hear that you speak of the Divine Will and that you want to Know more about It is a great joy for me, knowing how content is Jesus to find a soul who wants to live of Divine Will.  This creature is His Triumph and His Victory.  And even if in the past He was wounded by this creature, He looks at these wounds, smiles and says:  “I have conquered her; she is My Victory”, and He shows her around to all of Heaven to make feast.  And as Fulfillment of His Victory, He centralizes all His Goods in her:  the Goods of Creation and of Redemption, and gives her the right over everything.  And then, wanting to Know a Good means wanting to possess it; it is like the appetite for food.


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