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Heavenly Father, I pray in the Most Holy Divine Will, in the Name of Jesus and Mary through Luisa, for everyone and everything past, present and future that The Holy Spirit come with His Divine Fire and Sanctify the earth.

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of those who are linked to Luisa with the Inextinguishable Fire of Your Divine Love; the Fire of Divine Love that Transmutes the soul in God; the Fire of Divine Love that with Its Flames Invests all the human operations and gives them the Form of Divine Operations.

Come Holy Spirit, fill those who are linked to Luisa with the Fire of Your Divine Will that contains such Power as to be a New Baptism for the soul, as Jesus told Luisa, “even more than Baptism itself.” Wash from us every stain, and give us that New Baptism that will Strengthen us in Grace, to be admitted to Live with You on earth as it is in Heaven.

Come Holy Spirit, Baptize those who are linked to Luisa with the Baptism of Your Divine Fire. Restore and Heal us with Your Breath of Fire. Purify us with Your Divine Fire and Devour and Consume all our passions and evil tendencies, and finding our souls naked with no extraneous humors, it will be easy for You, Holy Spirit, to Convert us into Your very Divine Fire. Let us feel the Burning of Your Divine Fire and the Palpitating Divine Life of our Creator so that all mankind will return to be the “Bearer of his Creator.” Then You, Triune God, will feel the Happiness, Glory and Appreciation for Your Creative Work, as it returns Love into Your Divine Womb, as it came out, in a Fire of Love from Your Paternal Bosom.

Come Holy Spirit with Your Divine Fire of Your Divine Love and Sanctify the earth. We ask this in the Name of Jesus, Our Lord, under the Blue Mantle of Mary, Our Mother and through the intercession of the little daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta. Amen.


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