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LUISA PRAYINGV35 – 2.6.38 – You Must Know that all the beautiful and good things that the creature has done are deposited inside Ourselves, attesting to her love and the glory she gives Us, and forming her crown for her first entrance into Our Celestial Fatherland. Therefore, the most Beautiful act of the creature is to throw herself into Our Arms—abandon herself—letting Us make whatever We want to make of her, in time as well as in Eternity. Only then, do We get all the savor of making her one of the most Beautiful statues to adorn Our Celestial Jerusalem.”

V7 – 7.27.06 –My daughter, when I received the Cross, I embraced It as my dearest treasure, because in the Cross I dowered souls and espoused them to Myself. Now, upon looking at the Cross – at Its length and breadth – I rejoiced, because I saw in It sufficient dowries for all My spouses, and none of them could fear not being able to marry Me, because I held in My Own Hands – in the Cross – the price of their dowry. But with this condition alone: that if the soul accepts the little gifts I send to her – which are the crosses – as the pledge of her acceptance of Me as her Spouse, the marriage is formed and I give her the gift of the dowry. If then she does not accept the gifts – that is, if she is not resigned to My Will – everything is undone, and even if I want to dower her, I cannot, because in order to form a marriage, it always takes the will of both sides; and since the soul does not accept My Gifts, it means that she does not want to accept the marriage.”

V33 – 3.4.34“My daughter, in order to form a city, first the ways are formed, that form the order that a city must have, and then the foundations are cast in order to construct it. If the ways are not formed—the exits, the communications that it must have, are not formed—there is the danger that instead of a city, the citizens could form for themselves a prison, because the ways not being provided, they do not know where to go out. Do you see how necessary the ways are? Now, the city without way is the human will that, closed in its prison, has closed all the ways in order to enter into the Celestial City of My Divine Will. Now the soul who enters into It breaks the prison, knocks down the unhappy city without ways, without exits, and united with the Power of My Volition, the Divine Engineer forms the plan of the city, orders the ways, the communications, and acting as Insuperable Craftsman, forms the New Citadel of the soul with such Mastery as to form the ways of communication in order to let other souls enter and form so many citadels in order to be able to form a Kingdom. The first (Luisa) will be the model of the others. See, therefore, what the Acts done in My Will serve. They are so very necessary for Me, that without them the way would be lacking in order to let It Reign. Therefore I want you always in My Will, never come out of It if you want to render your Jesus content.”

V35 – 3.28.38 – “My blessed daughter, since man was made by Us to Live in Our Will, all Our Acts had to serve as many little cities or nations in which man could find, by right, his Fatherland—the different cities where he was to find his amusements, his Joys, and the enchanting and delightful scenes that his Creator had prepared for him with so much Love. Therefore, one can say that the sun is a city, and as the soul enters Our Will, she finds this city of Light, as well as all the various Beauties of Color and Sweetness. She finds Our Creative and Festive Act Full of Joys, Love and Unspeakable Happiness, and she dives into these seas of Beauty, Sweetness, Love and Joy, taking her long walks in her Fatherland, as the owner of all the Goods that she finds in It.


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