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StHedwigPatroness of Silesia

 October 16

We must adore the Decrees of the Almighty not only in happy days, but also in those of sorrow and bereavement,” said St. Hedwig, when God deprived her of her beloved spouse, by an early death.


V30 – 1.3.32 – “All evils and all creatures together have no power and no right over Our Will, nor can they prevent a single Act of Our Will, wanted by Decrees of Our Wisdom.”

V30 – 4.2.32 –Do you know where everything lays? Everything is in whether Our Will Wants it and has decided it with Divine Decrees. If this is there, everything is done; and this decision is so true, that there are facts.”

V36 – 10.2.38 –All that I tell you about My Divine Will is nothing other than the accomplishment of Our Decree, established since Eternity in the Council of Our Most Holy Trinity: Our Will must have Its Kingdom on earth. Our Decrees are Infallible, nothing can prevent them from being Fulfilled. Just as Creation and Redemption were Our Decrees, so Our Decree is the Kingdom of Our Will on earth! Therefore, in order to Fulfill this Decree I have to Manifest the Goods contained in It-Its Qualities, Its Beauties and Marvels. Here is the necessity I had to talk to you so much: to accomplish this Decree.”

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