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The Jews practiced Tishlikh (tish-lick) on Yom Kippur the Day of Atonement.
They would cast bread (sin) upon the sea and watch for the fish to eat it and take it away.
Perhaps that is what Peter was implying, that Jesus as the Bread of Life, who takes away our sins as we “cast our cares upon Him.” 1Peter 5:7


Luisa_Piccarreta_with_JesusCasting our human will into the Sea of the Divine Will

V15 – 7.1.23 – “When the creature comes to cast the little pebble of her will into the Immense Sea of My Divinity, as she casts it, if her will wants to Love, the Infinite Sea of the Waters of My Love ripple, are agitated, and I feel the Waves of My Love giving off their Celestial Fragrance, and I feel the Pleasure, the Joys of My Love being agitated by the little pebble of the will of the creature.  If she Adores My Sanctity, the little pebble of the human will agitates the Sea of My Sanctity, and I feel cheered by the most Pure Auras of My Sanctity.  In sum, whatever the human will wants to do in Mine, it flings itself like a little pebble into each Sea of My Attributes, and as it agitates them and ripples them, I feel I AM given My Own Things, and the Honors, the Glory, the Love which the creature can give Me in a Divine Manner.”

V23 – 2.28.28 – “Such will be the children of My Fiat—all noble; they will lose the roughness of the human volition, the miserable rags of passions; the darkness of doubts, of fears, will be put to Flight by the Light of My Knowledges, and will cast all into a Sea of Peace…”

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