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‘Love’ Made Jesus Come from Heaven and be Born in the World

 Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus 2FROM THE BOOK OF HEAVEN

V6 – 12.24.03

This morning, as I was in my usual state, Baby Jesus came, and on seeing Him so very little, as if He were just born, I said to Him: ‘My pretty little one, what was the cause – who made You come from Heaven and be born, so little, in the world?’ And He: “The reason was love; not only this, but my birth in time was the outpouring of love of the Most Holy Trinity toward creatures. In an outpouring of love of my Mother I was born from Her womb, and in an outpouring of love I am reborn in souls. But this outpouring is formed by desire. As soon as the soul begins to desire Me, I am conceived; the more she advances in her desire, the more I keep growing in the soul; and when this desire fills her whole interior and reaches the point of overflowing outside, then I am reborn in the whole of man – in his mind, in his mouth, in his works and steps. In the opposite way, the devil also makes his births in souls. As soon as the soul begins to desire and to want evil, the devil is conceived with his perverted works; and if this desire is nourished, the devil grows and fills all of man’s interior with passions, the most ugly and disgusting ones, and reaches the point of overflowing outside, as man lets all vices rush in. My daughter, how many births the devil makes in these most sad times! If men and demons had the power to do it, they would have destroyed my births in souls.”

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