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In His Birth, Jesus Fixes His Gaze on His Mother and on Luisa


Nativity 6

V23 – 12.25.27 – I was thinking of when my sweet Jesus was about to come out of the womb of His beloved Mama to fling Himself into Her arms. Oh! how I too would have wanted to squeeze Him in my arms, to form sweet chains for Him, so that He might no longer depart from me. But while I was thinking of this, I felt my poor mind outside of myself, and I saw my Celestial Mama, all veiled with light, and, in Her arms, little Baby Jesus, fused in the same light. But it lasted only a few instants, and then everything disappeared, and I remained more afflicted than before.

However, later He came back, and clasping His little hands around my neck, He told me: “My daughter, as soon as I came out of the womb of My Mama, I fixed My gazes—one on My dear Mama; nor could I do without looking at Her, because in Her was the enrapturing force of the Divine Will and the sweet enchantment of the beauty and most refulgent light of My Fiat that, eclipsing My pupil, made Me remain fixed in She who possessed My very Life by virtue of It. Seeing My Life bilocated in Her enraptured Me, and I could not remove My gaze from the Celestial Queen, because My very Divine force compelled Me to fix on Her.

“The other gaze I fixed on the one who was to do and possess My Will. They were two links connected together—the Redemption and the Kingdom of My Divine Will—inseparable from each other. The Redemption was to prepare, suffer, do; the Kingdom of the Fiat was to fulfill and possess—both of them of highest importance. Therefore, My gazes were fixed on the chosen ones to whom both one and the other were entrusted, because there was My very Will in them that enraptured My pupil. Why do you fear, then, if you have the gaze of your Jesus always looking at you, defending you, protecting you? If you knew what it means to be looked upon by Me, you would no longer fear anything.”

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