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Feast Day of St. John the Evangelist


V1 – “My beloved, in the cross are all the triumphs, all the victories, and the greatest gains. You must have no aim other than the cross, and it will be enough for you, in everything. Today I want to make you content; that cross which until now has not been enough to lay you (Luisa) on and crucify you completely, is the cross that you have carried up to now. But since I have to crucify you completely, you need new crosses which I will let descend upon you. So, the cross you have had until now, I will bring to Heaven, to show it to the whole celestial court as pledge of your love, and I will make another one descend from Heaven – a larger one, to be able to satisfy the ardent desires I have upon you.”

While Jesus was saying this, that cross which I had seen the other times made itself present before me. I took it and I laid myself on it. As I was in this way, the Heavens opened and Saint John the Evangelist came down, carrying the cross that Jesus had indicated to me. The Queen Mother and many Angels, when they arrived near me, lifted me from that cross and placed me over the one which they had brought me, which was much larger. Then, an Angel took the cross I had before and took it to Heaven with him. After this, with His own hand, Jesus began to nail me to that cross; Queen Mama assisted me, while the Angels and Saint John were handing the nails.

V4 – 12.4.02 – “…when I (Jesus) resurrected Lazarus, I went there, I had them remove the sepulchral stone, then I had him released, and then, with the empire of My Voice I called him back to life. In resurrecting the young girl, I took her by the hand with my right hand, and I called her back to life; and in many other things which are recorded in the Gospel, and which are known to all, I wanted to be there with my presence. This teaches the way in which the priest must behave in his operating, since the future life of the Church was enclosed in mine. And these are things that pertain to you, though in general; but your specific circumstance they will find on Calvary. I, priest and victim, lifted up on the wood of the cross, wanted a priest to be present, to assist Me in that state of victim – and he was Saint John, who represented the nascent Church. In him I saw everyone – Popes, bishops, priests and all the faithful together; and while assisting Me, He offered Me as victim for the glory of the Father and for the good outgrowth of the nascent Church. The fact that a priest assisted Me in that state of victim did not happen by chance, but everything was a profound mystery predisposed ab aeterno [from eternity] in the divine mind, intending that when I choose a soul as victim for the grave needs present in the Church, a priest must offer her to Me, assist her for Me, help her and encourage her to suffer. If these things are understood – fine, they themselves will receive the fruit of the work they offer; just like Saint John: how many goods did he not receive for having assisted Me on Mount Calvary? If then they are not understood, they do nothing but put My Work amid continuous contrasts, diverting My most Beautiful Designs.

V13 – 10.9.21 – “My daughter, while I (Jesus) was having supper with My disciples, I was surrounded not only by them, but by the whole human family. I had all creatures near Me, one by one; I knew them all, and I called them by name. I also called you (Luisa), and I gave you (Luisa) the place of honor between Me and John, constituting you the little secretary of My Will. And as I divided the lamb, in offering it to My Apostles, I gave it to all and to each one. That lamb, bled dry, roasted, cut to pieces, spoke about Me; it was the symbol of My Life and of how I was to reduce Myself for Love of all. And I wanted to give it to all as delicious food, which represented My Passion, because everything I did, said and suffered was converted by My Love into food for man. But do you know why I called everyone and gave the lamb to all? Because I too wanted food from them. I wanted everything they would do to be food for Me. I wanted the food of their love, of their works, of their words – of everything.”

V15 – 7.11.23 – “My daughter, the greater the work I (Jesus) want to do, the more necessary it is that the creature I choose be unique and singular.  The Work of Redemption was the greatest, and I chose only one creature, endowing Her with all gifts, never conceded to anyone, so that this creature might contain so much grace as to be able to become My Mother, and so that I might deposit in Her all the goods of Redemption.  And in order to keep My own gifts safe, from the moment She was conceived until She conceived Me, I kept Her hidden in the light of the Most Holy Trinity, which was Her custodian and had the office of directing Her in everything.  Then, when I was conceived in Her Virginal Womb, being the true Priest and the head and the first of all priests, I Myself took on the charge of keeping Her and directing Her in everything, even in the motion of Her heartbeat.  And when I died, I entrusted Her to another priest – Saint John.  A soul so privileged, who contained all graces, unique in the divine mind, unique in history – I did not want to leave Her without the assistance of a representative of Mine up to Her last breath.  Have I perhaps done this with other souls?  No, because they did not contain so much good, so many gifts and graces, and therefore so much custody and assistance was not necessary.”

“…Therefore, just as We entrusted Our Mama to St. John, that She might deposit in him, and from him to the Church, the treasures, the graces and all of My teachings which I had deposited in Her during the course of My Life, when She was entrusted to Me and I acted as Priest to Her – as I deposited in Her, as in a sanctuary, all the laws, the precepts and the doctrines which the Church was to possess; and She, faithful as She was, and jealous of even one word of Mine, deposited them in My faithful disciple John, so that they might not be lost, and therefore My Mama has Primacy over the whole Church – so I did with you:  since the ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua’ must serve the whole Church, I entrusted you to a minister of Mine, that you may deposit in him everything I Manifest to you about My Divine Will – the goods contained in It, how the creature must enter into It, and how the Paternal Goodness wants to open another Era of Grace, placing His Goods, which He possesses in Heaven, in common with the creature, and giving back to her the lost happiness.  Therefore, be attentive, and be faithful to Me.”



DAY 27 – “I (Mary) was inseparable from My Son; His pains were reflected in My Heart, liquefied by sorrow and by love, and I felt them more than if they were My own. So I followed Him all night. There was not one pain or accusation they gave Him, which did not resound in My Heart. But at the dawn of the morning, unable to endure any more, accompanied by the disciple John, Magdalene and other pious women, I wanted to follow Him step by step, also corporally, from one tribunal to another.”

DAY 29 – “Now, listen to Me, dear child. You Must Know that after the death of My Son I (Mary) withdrew in the cenacle, together with beloved John and Magdalene. But my Heart was pierced because only John was near Me, and in My sorrow I said: “And the other apostles…where are they?”

DAY 30 – “Then the time came for the Descent of the Holy Spirit, promised by My Son, in the cenacle. What a transformation, my child! As they were invested, they acquired new science, invincible strength, ardent love. A new life flowed within them, which rendered them intrepid and courageous, in such a way that they scattered throughout the whole world to make Redemption known, and to lay down their lives for their Master. I remained with beloved John, and was forced to leave Jerusalem, as the storm of persecution began.”

DAY 31 – “Now, You Must Know that before departing for the Celestial Fatherland, I (Mary) returned again to Jerusalem with My beloved John. It was the last time that I went past the earth in mortal flesh, and the whole Creation, as though realizing it, prostrated itself around Me. From fish of the sea which I crossed, to the tiniest little bird, they wanted to be blessed by their Queen; and I blessed them all, giving them My last good-bye. So I arrived in Jerusalem, and withdrawing into an apartment where John brought Me, I enclosed Myself in it never to go out again.”


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