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Be Perfect as Your Heavenly Father is Perfect

“Be you therefore Perfect, as also your Heavenly Father is Perfect.” -Matt.. 5:48

Trinity_lightenedJesus to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta from the Book of Heaven:

V2 – 5.12.1899 – “My daughter, only then is Charity Perfect when it is done for the Sole Purpose of Pleasing Me; and only then is it called True Charity and is it recognized by Me, when it is stripped of everything.”

V3 – 12.27.1899 – Charity must be like a Mantle which Must cover all of your actions, in such a Way that everything Must Shine with Perfect Charity.

V4 – 11.10.1900 – The Most Perfect Love is in the True Trust that one Must have in the Loved object, and even if it should appear that the object one Loves is lost – then more than ever is the time to Prove this Living Trust. This is the easiest means to take possession of that which one Ardently Loves.”

V4 – 11.20.1900 – “My beloved, since you Must Live from My Heart, it is appropriate for you to undertake a more Perfect Way of Living. Therefore, from you I Want:

(1.} Perfect Conformity to My Will, because you will only be able to Love Me Perfectly if you Love Me with My Own Divine Will. Even more, I tell you that by Loving Me with My Own Divine Will, you will Arrive at Loving Me, and your neighbor, with My same Way of Loving.

(2.) Profound Humility, placing yourself, in front of Me and of creatures, as the last among all.

(3.) Purity in everything, because any slightest fault against Purity, both in Loving and in Operating, is reflected all in the heart, and it remains stained. Therefore I Want Purity to be like dew upon the flowers at the rising of the sun, which, its rays reflecting upon them, transmutes those little drops into as many precious pearls, such as to enchant the people. In the same way, if all your works, thoughts and words, heartbeats and affections, desires and inclinations, are Adorned with the Celestial Dew of Purity, you will weave a Sweet Enchantment, not only for the human eye, but for the Whole of Heaven.

(4.) Obedience, which Must be Connected with My Divine Will, because if this Virtue regards the superiors I have given you on earth, My Divine Will is Obedience which regards Me directly; so much so, that it can be said that both one and the other are Virtues of Obedience – with this difference alone: one regards God, and the other regards men. However, both of them have the Same Value, and one cannot be without the other; therefore you Must Love both one and the other in the Same Way. “Then He added: “Know that from now on you will Live with My Heart, and you Must see things the Way My Heart Does, that I may find My Satisfactions in you. Therefore be careful, for this is no longer your heart, but Mine.”

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