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“An Act of Perfect Conformity to the Will of God…” – St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori


‘An Act of Perfect Conformity to the Will of God Unites us More to Him than a Hundred other Acts of Virtue.’

– St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori


LUISA14V3 – 11.6.99 – Everything that is done for the sole purpose of pleasing Me shines before Me in such a way as to draw My Divine Gazes, and I like it so much, that to those actions, be they even a batting of eyelashes, I give the value as if they were done by Me. On the other hand, those other actions, good in themselves and even great, but which are not done for Me not so much as look at them.? And I: Ah, Lord, how easy it is for our actions to be dirtied with dust! And He: One should not care about dust, because it can be shaken off, but what one must care about is the intention.

V4 – 7.23.01 – “Daughter, do not fear, what I recommend to you is that you remain always Conformed to My Will, because when the Divine Will is in the soul, neither the diabolical nor the human will have the strength to enter the soul to make fun of her.”

V4 – 11.20.01 – “My beloved (Luisa), since you must Live from My Heart, it is appropriate for you to undertake a more Perfect Way of Living. Therefore, from you I want:(1.} Perfect Conformity to My Will, because you will only be able to Love Me Perfectly if you Love Me with My Own Will. Even more, I tell you that by Loving Me with My Own Will, you will arrive at Loving Me, and your neighbor, with My same Way of Loving.

V6 – 1.6.06 – “My daughter, prayer is music to my hearing, especially when a soul is all Conformed to My Will, in such a way that nothing can be seen in her interior but a continuous Attitude of Life of Divine Will. With this soul it is as if another God would come out and play this Music for Me. Oh, how delightful it is! – to find one who matches Me and can render Me Divine Honors. Only one who Lives in My Will can reach such a point, because all other souls, even if they did and prayed much, would always give Me things and prayers that are human – not Divine; therefore they do not have that Power and that Attraction over My Hearing.”

V7 – 2.12.06 – “My daughter, all other virtues in the creatures build a wall of a certain height, but the Wall of the soul who Lives in the Will of God is a Wall so High and Deep, that neither its depth nor its height can be found. Also, it is all of Pure and Solid Gold, not subject to any misfortune, because since this Wall is in the Divine Volition – that is, in God – God Himself keeps it, and there is no power that can defy God. And the soul, while Living in this Divine Volition, is Clothed with a Light all similar to the One in whom she Lives, so much so, that also in Heaven she will Shine more than all the others, in Such a Way as to be an occasion of greater Glory for the very Saints.

V11 – 2.8.15 – “Now, in creating man, We Infused Our Image and Likeness in him so as to overwhelm him with Our happiness and be reflected and delighted in him. But man broke the first link of connection – the will – between himself and the Creator, therefore losing the true happiness; even more, all evils swooped down upon him. So, We can neither reflect Ourselves nor delight in him. Only in the soul who does Our Will in everything can We do it, and in her We enjoy the complete fruit of Creation. In fact, even with those who have some virtues, who pray, who attend the Sacraments, if they are not Conformed to Our Will, We cannot reflect Ourselves in them, because since their will is broken from Ours, all things are in disorder and upside down. Ah, My daughter, only Our Will is welcome, because It reorders, It makes one happy, and brings all goods with Itself. Therefore, do my Will always and in everything – do not care about anything else.”

V16 – 11.15.23 – “My Will is Queen which dominates everything and crowns everyone, in such a way that before the Sanctity of My Will all other Virtues shrink and tremble.”

V16 – 12.6.23 – “Do you see what great difference exists between the Sanctity in My Will and that of the other Virtues? The first one is for the creature to receive currents of grace, of light, of love in every instant, and to remain in order with her Creator in each of her acts. Therefore, it is the Sanctity closest to her Creator. The second, that of the other Virtues, exists at time and circumstance, whenever the occasion arises to exercise now patience, now obedience, now charity and the like. And if the occasions do not arise, the virtues remain interrupted and without growth, and cannot receive the good which the virtue in act contains. On the other hand, in the Sanctity of My Will there are no stops or interruptions. My Will is always fixed on darting through the creature; she can receive It in every instant. Whether she breathes, thinks, speaks, palpitates, takes food or sleeps – everything enters into My Volition, and in every instant she can be filled with My Will, together with all the goods It contains.”

V17 – 6.11.25 – “My daughter, there is nothing which can equal the great evil of not doing My Will. There is no good which can equal It; there is no virtue which can stand before It. So, the good that one loses by not doing My Will is irreparable; and only by returning again into It can one find the remedy, and be given back the goods which Our Will had established to give to the creature. In vain do creatures flatter themselves that they can do more works, virtues, sacrifices; if these are not a birth from my Will and are not done in order to fulfill It, they are not recognized by Me. More so, since it is established that grace, aids, light, goods and the just reward, be given to one who operates in order to fulfill My Will. Moreover, My Will is Eternal – It has no beginning nor will It have an end; and who can calculate one act done in My Will, without beginning and without end? That act is surrounded and filled with goods without end; that which My Will is, so It renders the act. On the other hand, the other Virtues, the works and sacrifices without My Will, have a beginning, as well as an end. What great reward can things subject to perishing ever receive?”

V19 – 4.9.26 – ‘My sweet Jesus says many great, admirable, highest and wonderful things about the Will of God, yet it seems to me that creatures do not have that concept which It deserves, nor that great impression of the wonders which are in It.  On the contrary, it seems that they place It on the same level as the virtues, and maybe they care more about those, than about the Most Holy Will of God.’  And my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, do you want to know why?  Because their palates are not purged, and they are accustomed to the ordinary foods of this low world, which are the virtues, and not to the Celestial and Divine Food, which is My Will.  This Celestial Food is appreciated only by those who consider earth, things, and even people, as nothing, or as fully ordered in God.  The virtues which can be practiced on earth are rarely exempt from human purposes, from self-esteem, from self-glory, love of appearing and of pleasing people.  All these aims are like many tastes for the ordinary palate of the soul; and many times one operates more for these tastes than for the good that the virtue contains.  This is why virtues breach more easily – because the human will always gains something.  On the other hand, the first thing that My Will knocks down is the human will, and It tolerates no purpose which gives of human.  My Will is from Heaven, and wants to place in the soul that which is divine and which belongs to Heaven; therefore one’s own self remains on an empty stomach and feels itself dying.  So, in feeling her own self dying and in losing the hope of having any other food left, the soul makes up her mind to take the Food of My Will; and as she takes it, her palate being purged, she feels the taste of the Food of My Will, which is such that she would not exchange it at the cost of her life.”

My Will does not know how to compromise, as virtues do, with the low and little things that can be done on earth; rather, It wants to keep everything and everyone as a footstool at Its feet, and change the whole interior of the soul and the very virtues into Divine Will.  In a word, It wants Its own heaven in the depth of the soul, otherwise It would remain hindered, and would not be able to carry out Its Divine Life.  So, here is the great difference which exists between the virtues and My Will – between the Sanctity of one and of the other:  the virtues can be of creatures and can form a human sanctity at the most; my Will is of God and can form a Sanctity which is fully Divine.  What a difference!  However, since the creatures are used to looking down below, they are more impressed by the little lamps of the virtues, than by the great Sun of My Will.”

V19 – 7.2.26 – “…come into Our Dominions, for everyone longs for you, and at the same time I will make you comprehend more things about the great distance that exists between the Sanctity of one who possesses the Unity of the Light of the Kingdom of My Will and the sanctity of submission, of resignation and of virtues.”

Now, while He was saying this, I found myself outside of myself, and I tried to make my ‘I love You’, my adoration, resound over all created things.  And Jesus, all goodness, added:  “My daughter, look at the heavens, the stars, the sun, the moon, the plants, the flowers, the sea… look at everything.  Each created thing has its distinct nature, its own color, its littleness and its height; each of them has its distinct office, and one cannot do what the other does, nor produce the same effects.  So, each created thing is a symbol of the sanctity of virtues, of submission and resignation to my Will.  According to the virtues they have practiced, souls have drawn a distinct color within themselves; therefore it can be said that one is red flower, another, purple, another, white; one is plant, one is tree, another is star; and according to how they have submitted to the reflections of the Supreme Will, so have they developed in fecundity, in height, in beauty.  But one is their shade, because My Will, like solar ray, gave them the color of the seed which they themselves had placed in their souls.  On the other hand, the Sanctity of one who Lives in the Unity of the Light of My Will is a Birth from that Single Act of her Creator, which is one in the Creative Hands, and yet, the Rays of His Will, coming out of God, invade everything and produce works and effects so innumerable that man cannot arrive at counting them all.  So, since this Sanctity is a Birth from that Single Act, it will be the Supreme Will’s Care and Jealousy for it to enclose all Colors, all the different Beauties and all possible imaginable Goods within itself.  And so, more than blazing sun, it will enclose and eclipse within itself all of Creation with its different beauties; one will see all the Goods of Redemption enclosed in it, as well as all Sanctities; and I, showing off My Love more than ever, will place the Seal of My very Sanctity within one who has Possessed the Kingdom of My Will.”

V21 – 4.18.27 – I was Fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition, calling all the acts of creatures, so that all might rise again in It; and my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, what great difference passes between one Act done in My Will, and one act, even good, done outside of It. Within the first one flows a Divine Life, and this Life fills Heaven and earth, and the act receives the value of a Divine Life. Within the second flows an act of human life, that is limited, restricted, and many times its value ends with the end of the act; and if there is any value in it, it is human value, that is subject to perishing.”

V23 – 12.14.27 – “My daughter, I have you, who are worth more than anything; and putting everything aside, I will look at your value-that is, the value of My Divine Will in you-and I will dispose My Kingdom in the midst of creatures. A person is worth according to the value that is entrusted to him. If My Will contains an infinite value, that surpasses the whole value of all creatures together, one who possesses It, before the Divine Majesty, has the value that surpasses everything. So, for now I have you, and this is enough for Me in order to dispose the Kingdom of My Will. Therefore, all the evils of this time-and they are too many-do not equal the great value of My Divine Will operating in one creature alone; and My Will will use these evils to make a heap out of them and, with Its power, to banish them from the face of the earth.

V24 – 4.29.28 – “My daughter, when the soul practices a virtue, the first act she practices forms the seed, and as she practices the second, the third act and so forth, she cultivates the seed, she waters it, and it grows into a plant and produces its fruits. If then she practices it only once, or a few times, the seed is neither watered nor cultivated—it dies, and the soul remains without plant and without fruit, because it is never one act alone that forms a virtue, but repeated acts.”

“It happens as to the earth: it is not enough to sow the seed in its womb, but one must cultivate it often, water it, if one wants the plant and the fruits of that seed; otherwise the earth becomes hard over that seed and buries it without giving it life. Now, one who wants the virtue of patience, of obedience and the like, must sow the first seed, and then water it and cultivate it with other acts. In this way, she will form many beautiful and varied plants within her soul.

“On the other hand, My Will is not seed like the virtues—but life; and as the soul begins to be resigned, to look at My Will in everything and to live in It, the little Divine Life is formed in her. And as she advances in the practice of living in My Will, this Divine Life grows and keeps expanding, to the point of filling the soul with all of this life, in such a way that nothing is left of her but a veil that covers it and hides it within itself. And just as with virtues, so with My Will: if the creature does not give the continuous nourishment of her acts to the little Divine Life within herself, this life does not grow, and does not fill her entirely.

“It happens as to a newborn baby who dies at birth if he is not nourished. In fact, since My Will is life, more than the virtues, that are images of the plants, It needs continuous nourishment in order to grow and to become a whole life, as much as a creature is capable of. Here is, then, the necessity for you to always live in It: that you may take Its delicious food from My Will Itself, so as to nourish Its Divine Life in you.

“See, then, what great difference exists between the virtues and My Will: the first are plants, flowers and fruits that embellish the earth and delight the creatures, while My Fiat is heaven, sun, air, heat, heartbeat—all things that form life, and Divine Life, in the creature. Therefore, love this life, and give it continuous nourishment, that it may fill you completely and nothing may be left of you.”

V29 – 9.29.31 – Then I continued to think about the Divine Will and my beloved Jesus added:  “My daughter, the Living in My Will is a Gift that We give to the creature great Gift that surpasses in value in Sanctity, in Beauty, and in Happiness all other Gifts in an Infinite and Unreachable Way.”

V35 – 11.12.37 – I was Fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition, calling all the acts of creatures, so that all might rise again in It; and my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, what great difference passes between one Act done in My Will, and one act, even good, done outside of It. Within the first one flows a Divine Life, and this Life fills Heaven and earth, and the act receives the value of a Divine Life. Within the second flows an act of human life, that is limited, restricted, and many times its value ends with the end of the act; and if there is any value in it, it is human value, that is subject to perishing.”

V36 – 12.28.38 – “You have to know that no Act done in Our Will ever ends; rather, it is continuously repeated, since My Will is everywhere. That Act is repeated in Heaven, in created things and in all else. Therefore, one Act in My Will surpasses everything, filling Heaven and earth, and giving us so much Love and Glory that all other works remain like many little drops before the ocean. We glorify Ourselves through the creature who, covered by her Creator, Operates together with Him. Therefore, no matter how many beautiful things may be done outside of Our Will, they will never please us, because they are not Ours. They cannot be diffused everywhere-such love is so small that it barely covers the act it made, if it covers it at all.”

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