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Vol. 12 – March 2, 1921 – Jesus Changes the State of Victim of Luisa, in order to Prepare the Era of His Will.

As I was in my usual state, my Always Lovable Jesus Came and Told me: “My daughter, the Third FIAT – My ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua, on earth as it is in Heaven’ – will be like the rainbow which appeared in the sky after the deluge, which, as Rainbow of Peace, assured man that the deluge had ceased. So will the Third FIAT be. As It Comes to be Known, Loving and Disinterested souls will Come to Live in My FIAT. They will be like Rainbows – Rainbows of Peace – which will Reconcile Heaven and earth, and Dispel the deluge of so many sins which inundate the earth. These Rainbows of Peace will have the Third FIAT as their own Life; therefore My ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua’ will have Its Completion in them. And just as the Second FIAT Called Me upon earth to Live among men, the Third FIAT will call My Divine Will into souls, and It will Reign in them ‘on earth, as in Heaven’.”

Then, since I was sad because of His absence, He added: “My daughter, be Cheered – Come into My Divine Will. I Chose you, Luisa, among thousands and thousands, so that My Divine Will May Have Full Completion in you, Luisa, and so that you May be like a Rainbow of Peace which, with Its Seven Colors, Attracts others to Live in My Divine Will. Therefore, let us leave the earth aside. Up until now I have Kept you. Luisa, with Me in order to Appease My Justice and Prevent greater chastisements from being poured upon the earth. Now, let us allow the current of human evil to run; I Want you, Luisa, with Me, in My Volition, to be Occupied with Preparing the Era of My Divine Will.

As you Move Forward on the Path of My Volition, the Rainbow of Peace will Form, which will Form the Link of Connection between the Divine Will and human will. From it, My Will shall Have Life on earth, and this shall Begin the Fulfillment of My Prayer, and the Prayer of the whole Church: ‘Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done, on earth as It is in Heaven’.”


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