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Jubilee Year of Mercy


divine mercyV6 – 4.16.04 – “…Jesus told Luisa: ‘Enough, enough, do not go any further; you want to speak of MERCY, and what about Justice – what are we going to do with It? I have told you and I repeat to you: ‘It is necessary that Justice follow Its course’.” So I replied: ‘There is no remedy – why then leave me on this earth when I can no longer placate You and suffer in the place of my neighbor? Since it is so, it is better if You let me die.’ At that moment I saw another person behind the shoulders of blessed Jesus, and He told me, almost making a sign with His eyes: “Present yourself to my Father and see what He tells you.’ I presented myself, all trembling, and as soon as He saw me, He told me: “Why have you come to Me?” And I: ‘Adorable Goodness, infinite MERCY, knowing that You are MERCY Itself, I have come to ask for your MERCYMERCY on your very images, MERCY on the works created by You; MERCY on nothing else but your creatures themselves.’ And He said to me: “So, it is MERCY that you want. But if you want true MERCY, after Justice has poured Itself out It will produce abundant fruits of MERCY.” Not knowing what else to say, I said: ‘Father, infinitely Holy, when servants or people in need present themselves before their masters or rich people, if these are good, even if they do not give everything that is necessary for them, they always give something. And to me, who have had the good of presenting myself before You, absolute Master, rich without limit, infinite Goodness, don’t You want to give anything of what this poor little one has asked of You? Does a master perhaps not remain more honored and content when he gives, than when he denies what is necessary to his servants?’ After a moment of silence He added: “For Love of you, instead of doing ten, I will do five.” Having said this, They disappeared, and in several places of the earth, especially of Europe, I saw wars, civil wars and revolutions multiply.

V12 – 12.6.19Now, I remember that one night I was doing the adoration of my Crucified Jesus, telling Him: ‘My Love, in your Will I find all generations; and in the name of the whole human family, I adore You, I kiss You, I repair You for all. I give your wounds and your Blood to all, so that all may find their salvation. And if the lost souls can no longer benefit from your Most Holy Blood, nor Love You, I take It in their place, in order to do what they should have done. I do not want your Love to remain defrauded in anything on the part of creatures. I want to compensate, repair You, Love You for all, from the first to the last man…’

While I was saying this and other things, my sweet Jesus stretched His arms around my neck, and squeezing all of me, told me: “My daughter, echo of my Life, while you were praying, my MERCY was softening, and my Justice was losing sharpness – and not only in the present time, but also in the future, because your prayer will remain in act in My Divine Will. By virtue of it, my softened MERCY will flow more abundantly, and my Justice will be less rigorous. Not only this, but I will feel the note of the Love of the lost souls, and my Heart will feel for you a Love of special tenderness, finding in you the Love which these souls owed Me; and I will pour into you the graces which I had prepared for them.”

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