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V9 – October 17, 1910 – “My daughter, I do not look so much at the sacrifices, but at the love with which they are made and at the union with Me that they have. So, the more the soul is united with Me, the more I take into account her sacrifices. If the soul is more tightly united with Me, I take great account of her littlest sacrifices, because in the union there is the measure of love, and the measure of love is eternal measure, which has no end and no boundaries. On the other hand, with a soul who may sacrifice herself very much but is not united with Me, I look at her sacrifice as that of a stranger, and I give her the remuneration she deserves – a limited one.

V13 – January 20, 1922 – Wanting to have one’s own merits is of servants, of slaves – not of children. What belongs to the father, belongs to his children. Besides, what are all the merits that you could acquire compared to one single Act of My Will? All merits have their own little value, weight and measure; but who could ever measure one single Act of My Will? No one – no one. And then, what are your merits compared to Mine? In My Will you will find them all, and I make of you the owner. Aren’t you happy?

V20 – October 15, 1926 – ‘My Kingdom is in the midst of My children, and right within their inmost acts.’ In fact, as much as the creature takes of My Will, so much do I extend My Kingdom in her, and she extends her Kingdom in My Will; but according to how much she lets Me dominate in her acts, so does she expand her boundaries in My Kingdom, and I give, and she takes more joy, more happiness, more goods, and more glory.

“In fact, it is established that in the Celestial Fatherland they will receive as much glory, beatitude and happiness, for as much of My Will as they have enclosed in their souls on earth. Their glory will be measured by that very Will of Mine that their souls will possess; nor will they be able to receive more, because their capacity and wideness is formed by that very Divine Will that they have done and possessed while living on earth. And even if My liberality wanted to give them more, they would lack the space to contain it, and it would overflow outside.

V20 – November 3, 1926 – “The more the soul possesses of My Will, the more value her prayers, her works, her pains, contain; and so she can bring more relief to those blessed souls (souls in Purgatory). I measure and give value to everything that the soul can do, according to how much of My Will she possesses. If My Will runs in all of her acts, the measure I take is immense; even more, I never stop measuring, and I put so much value into it, that its weight cannot be calculated. On the other hand, if one does not care much about My Will, the measure is scarce and the value of little importance. And if one does not care at all, as much as the soul may do, I have nothing to measure, nor any value to give. Therefore, if they have no value, how can they bring relief to those souls who, in Purgatory, recognize nothing, nor can they receive anything, but what My Eternal Fiat produces.

Paragraph 760 – II. The Church’s Origin, Foundation, and Mission

God created the world for the sake of communion with his divine life, a communion brought about by the “convocation” of men in Christ, and this “convocation” is the Church. The Church is the goal of all things,154 and God permitted such painful upheavals as the angels’ fall and man’s sin only as occasions and means for displaying all the power of his arm and the whole measure of the love he wanted to give the world: (294, 309)

Paragraph 2045 – III. Moral Life and Missionary Witness

2045    Because they are members of the Body whose Head is Christ,89 Christians contribute to building up the Church by the constancy of their convictions and their moral lives. The Church increases, grows, and develops through the holiness of her faithful, until “we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to mature manhood, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.”90 (753, 828)

Matthew 7:2 – For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged: and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again.

Mark 4:24 – And he said to them: Take heed what you hear. In what measure you shall mete, it shall be measured to you again, and more shall be given to you.

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