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Luisa’s Prayer for Dying Souls


Luisa holding CrucifixVOL. 35 – February 20, 1938 – Jesus kept silent. I remained with the scene before my mind, of so many Jesuses for as many existing creatures. But I had a thorn in my heart that tortured me and embittered me-down to the marrow of my bones-for a person very dear to me, and necessary to my poor existence, who was in danger of death, and I wanted to save this person at any cost.

Therefore, I took the Divine Will, I made It all mine, and in my pain I said to Jesus: ‘Jesus, Your Will is mine. Your Power and Immensity are in my power. I don’t want it, so neither must You want it.’   My God, I felt as if I were battling a Power; and in order to win, my mind had brought itself before the Divinity, while I was placing around It the expanse of Heaven with all the stars in prayer, the vastness of the light of the sun with the force of its heat, the entire Creation-in prayer; and also the seas of Power and Love of the Queen of Heaven, the Pains and the Blood shed by Jesus, like many seas around the Divinity-all in prayer; and then the many Jesuses for each creature, so that they might give a sigh-a prayer, to obtain what I wanted… But what was not my surprise and commotion together, in seeing and hearing that the many Jesuses of all the creatures prayed to obtain what I wanted? I remained confused in seeing so much Goodness and Divine Compliance. May He always be thanked and blessed. And may all be for His Glory.        

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