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Luisa, the Bearer of All


MATTHEW 11:30 – “For My yoke is sweet and My burden light…

V31 – November 6, 1932 –Therefore one ‘Fiat’ draws Me, and another enraptures Me; it forms the void in the creature for where to place the Order and the Harmony of My Operating ‘Fiat.’ It disposes her and imposes Itself over Me to make Me give other Lessons so as to be able to form many Acts together, that, united among themselves, form the New more Beautiful Creation, more artful than the machine of the universe, that must serve for the Kingdom of My same Will. Therefore every Word of Mine is a Work, it is one more outlet of Love, it is putting an end to My First Begun ‘Fiat.’ Giving each other a hand, the first and last that will be pronounced, they will form the braiding of the New Creation of My Kingdom in the depth of the soul, that, transmitted to posterity will be bearer of more than the universe itself of Goods, of Sanctity, and of Graces to the human generations.

V31 – February 12, 1933 – “True Love has the virtue of transforming things; it places a sweet Enchantment to Our Divine Pupils, and renders the little loving acts of creatures Beautiful, gracious, and pleasant to Us, in a way that Enraptures Us, wounds Us, and makes Us Happy. We make Ourselves Kidnapers making of her Our most welcome Conquest. Therefore, if you want to make Us Happy and be Bearer to your God of Joys and of Happiness—love, always love, don’t ever stop loving Us. And in order to be more secure, enclose all of yourself in the Divine Fiat, that will let nothing escape from you that is not Love for your Creator.”

V35 – March 28, 1938 – “I can say that My Greatest Pain down here, that gave Me a continuous Death, was to see the creatures neither Living in My Will, nor doing It, because I saw that My Acts remained without the Purpose for which I was doing them—without giving the Life with which they were Invested. And if I were not All-Seeing—seeing all the centuries in one present Act, as well as My beloved children who were going to Live in My Divine Will, and who had to use all that My Humanity did and suffered in order to establish My Kingdom, using It as their most Beautiful residence—I could not have borne such a great Pain. Therefore, continue to trace My Acts, My Steps and My Pains, to ask for My Will to come and Reign on earth, and My Pain will be soothed, and will turn into Love, to shorten the time and make My Will known, Loved—and Reign. I will keep you as refreshment for Me, and as Bearer of the balm to My Pains; and when I see My Acts and My sufferings embittered with Pain because the creature is running away from My Will, I will come and take refuge in you, to soothe and embalm My sufferings, too embittered by the Pain.”

V36 – August 6, 1938 – “…Since one who Lives in My Will is inside Our Supreme Being, she is the Speaking, moving, Palpitating Creation who, in the name of all created things, brings Us the food of love that all should give Us. We can say that Our Love feeds all created things. Therefore We feel the need to receive the return of love—not to remain on an empty stomach—and only one who Lives in Our Will, who embraces all and Loves Us for all, can feed Us with her Love in return. How Beautiful it is to see the creature picking up Our Love, spread through the whole Creation—even Love that has not been taken because of human ingratitude. Then she brings it to Us to give Us the food of Love in the name of everyone and everything, enchanting the whole Heaven; and We welcome her as the Bearer of all Our Works, returning Our Love—in her We can repeat all Our Marvels.”

V36 – May 15, 1938 – You Must Know that Our Love is so Great that when We decide to give a Word, to Manifest a Truth from Our Supreme Majesty, We also provide the Act in which to do it, enclosing in Ourselves the Good which that Truth has to produce. When the Good We have to give to creatures, through those Truths We Manifest, is all mature and completed, then We give this Good to one of them, and she becomes the Bearer of that Good for the benefit of all human generations.

V36 – November 30, 1938 – “Our Will embraces all, and as the soul forms her acts, she becomes the Bearer of all. If she adores, she brings us the adoration of all; if she suffers, she encloses the reparation of all. One act in Our Will must surpass, enclose and embrace everyone and everything, to the extent of becoming the Bearer of Our Supreme Being, since We never get out of Our Will. So, one who Lives in It can enclose Us within each one of her acts, to bring Us wherever she wants: to the creatures, to make Ourselves known; to the whole Creation, to tell Us how Beautiful Our Works are; to Ourselves, to tell Us: ‘See how much I Love You, I even get to bring You Yourselves.’

“We find Ourselves in the same condition as the sphere of the sun, that never goes out of the circle of its rays. Even if the rays descend to the bottom of the earth, investing all—even the most tiny plant, the sphere never moves from its light, from the high place where it is; but it still walks together with its rays, doing whatever they do. Such are We, the Bearer of our Will; while Our Will is Our own Bearer. We are One Single Life, and whoever Lives in It becomes the Bearer of Our Divine Being, while We become the Bearers of the little human will. And We Love it so much that it forms Our Victory and Our Most Beautiful Joy: to see Our Will being accomplished within it.”


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