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Giving and Receiving opens the Conversation between Creator and Creature


V23 – January 6, 1928 – “My daughter, in creating the whole Creation with such order and harmony, We gave of Our own and were to receive nothing from It. But, in creating man, while giving of Our own, We gave him the capacity to give Us Our very gifts as goods belonging to himself, in such a way that We were to give always; so much so, that a contest was to arise between him and Us—We, in giving, and he, in receiving; he, in giving to Us, and We, in lavishing Our gifts yet more abundantly upon him.

This giving and receiving, receiving and giving, opened the feasts, the games, the joys, the conversation between Creator and creature. So, in seeing the littleness of the creature celebrate with Our Supreme Height, amusing itself, rejoicing, conversing with Us, We felt such joy, such emphasis of love in creating man, that all other created things seemed nothing to Us compared to the Creation of man. And if all of them seemed beautiful to Us and worthy of Our works, and Our Love ran in all created things, it was because they were to serve Us to abound in gifts toward man, and from him We awaited the requital of love of all created things.

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