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The Patriarchs of the Old Testament and the Divine Will


 V21 – April 8, 1927 – “My daughter, the greatest figures of the Old Testament, while being images that veiled the future Messiah, enclosed also the gifts, the image, and symbolized all the gifts that the children of the Supreme Fiat would possess. When he was created, Adam was the true and perfect image of the children of My Kingdom. Abraham was symbol of the privileges and the heroism of the children of My Will. And calling Abraham to a promised land flowing with milk and honey, making him the owner of that land, a land so fecund as to be enviable and aspired to by all other nations—everything was symbol of what I would do with the children of My Will.

“Jacob was another symbol of them; in fact, as the twelve tribes of Israel would descend from him, from their midst the future Redeemer was to be born, who was to bind again the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat to My children. Joseph was symbol of the dominion that the children of My Will would have; and just as he did not let many peoples—and also his ungrateful brothers—perish of starvation, so will the children of the Divine Fiat have dominion and be the ones who will not let the peoples perish that will ask for the bread of My Will from them. Moses was the image of the power; Samson, symbol of the strength of the children of My Will; David symbolized the reigning of them. All the prophets symbolized the grace, the communications, the intimacies with God that, more than they did, the children of My Divine Fiat would possess.

V28 – February 22, 1930 – “My daughter, by withdrawing from My Divine Will, man gave death to the goods that My Divine Volition would have made rise in him, had It not been rejected. As he went out, so died the continuous act of the Divine Life in man; died the sanctity that always grows, the light that always arises, the beauty that never stops, always to embellish; the untiring love that never says enough, that always—always wants to give. More so since, by his rejecting My Divine Will, died the order, the air, the food that was to nourish him continuously. See, then, how many Divine Goods man caused to die within himself by withdrawing from My Divine Will.

“Now, wherever there has been the death of good, the sacrifice of life is required in order to make the destroyed good rise again. This is why, justly and wisely, whenever I wanted to renew the world and give a good to creatures, I have requested the sacrifice of life, as I asked of Abraham the sacrifice of sacrificing to Me his only son, as indeed he carried out, and, prevented by Me, he stopped. And in that sacrifice, that cost Abraham more than his own life, the new generation rose again in which the Divine Liberator and Redeemer was to descend, who was to make the good that had died in the creature rise again. With the passing of time, I allowed the sacrifice and the great sorrow of Jacob for the death of his beloved son, Joseph; and even though he did not die, it was for him as if he had died in reality. This was the new call that made the Celestial Liberator rise again in that sacrifice, whom it called to make the lost good rise again.

“Furthermore, I Myself, by coming upon earth, wanted to die; but with the sacrifice of My death I called for the rising again of many lives, and of the good that the creature had caused to die. And I wanted to rise again in order to confirm the life for that good and the resurrection for the human family. What great crime it is to make good die—so much so, that the sacrifice of other lives is required in order to make it rise again. Now, with all My Redemption and the sacrifice of My Death, since My Divine Will does not reign, not all good has risen again in the creature. My Will is repressed and cannot carry out the sanctity It wants; good suffers from intermittency—now it rises, now it dies; and My Fiat remains with the continuous sorrow of not being able to make rise all the good It wants in the creature. And this is why I remained in the little Host as Sacrament; I departed for Heaven, but I remained on earth in the midst of creatures, to be born, live and die, though mystically, in order to make rise in them all the good that man rejected by withdrawing from My Divine Will.

“And, united to My Sacrifice, I asked for the sacrifice of your life, to make Its Kingdom rise again in the midst of the human generations. And from each tabernacle I am as though on the lookout to accomplish the complete work—Redemption and Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven—content with sacrificing Myself and dying in each Host in order to make the Sun of My Divine Fiat, the New Era, and Its full triumph, rise again. Upon departing from the earth, I said: ‘I go to Heaven, and I remain on earth in the Sacrament. I will content Myself with waiting for centuries. I know it will cost Me much—unheard-of outrages will not be lacking, maybe more than in My very Passion; but I will arm Myself with Divine Patience, and from the little Host I will accomplish the complete work: I will make My Will reign in the hearts, and will continue to remain in their midst to enjoy the fruits of so many sacrifices I have been through.’ Therefore, together with Me, be united to the sacrifice for a cause so holy, and for the just triumph that My Will may reign and dominate.”

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  • Apocalypse (Revelation) 21:12 – And it had a wall great and high, having twelve gates, and in the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel.
  • 3 Kings (1 Kings) 18:31 – And he took twelve stones according to the number of the tribes of the sons of Jacob, to whom the word of the Lord came, saying: Israel shall be thy name.

V29 – May 19, 1931 – “…I, Jesus, want to tell you, Luisa, what regards the part of creatures toward Her, (the Celestial Mother).

“My daughter, the Celestial Creature was poor, Her natural qualities were apparently common, nothing extraordinary appeared on the outside. She takes a poor artisan as Her spouse, who earns his daily bread with his humble work. Suppose that it had become known before, to the great ones of the world, to the doctors and the priests, that She was the Mother of the Word—that She was the One who was the Mother of the future Messiah; they would have waged a fierce war against Her—no one would have believed Her. They would have said: ‘Is it possible that there have not been, and that there aren’t women in Israel, such that this poor one was to be the Mother of the Eternal Word? There has been a Judith, an Esther, and many others.’ So, no one would have believed Her, and they would have placed countless doubts and difficulties. If they placed doubts on My Divine Person, not believing that I was the longed-for Messiah; and many reach the point of still not believing that I descended upon earth, in spite of the fact that I made many miracles, such as to induce the most incredulous to believe Me—ah! when hardness, obstinacy, enter into hearts, they render themselves incapable of receiving any good; the truths, the very miracles, are for them as though dead and without life—well then, much more so for the Celestial Mama, as nothing miraculous appeared in Her exterior…”

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