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Trust in God in the Divine Will


V6 – July 29, 1904 – Continuing in my usual state, as soon as I saw my adorable Jesus, I said to Him: ‘My Lord and my God.’ And He continued: “God, God, God alone. Daughter, faith makes one know God, but trust makes one find Him. (2Kings (2 Samuel 22:3 – God is my strong one, in him will I trust: my shield, and the horn of my salvation: he lifteth me up, and is my refuge: my saviour, thou wilt deliver me from iniquity.) So, without trust, faith is sterile, and even though faith possesses immense riches with which the soul can enrich herself, if there is no trust she remains always poor and lacking in everything.” While He was saying this, I felt myself being drawn into God, and I remained absorbed in Him like a little drop of water in the immense sea. As much as I looked, I could find no boundaries, either of height or of breadth; Heaven and earth, blessed and pilgrim souls, all were immersed in God.

V7 – January 23, 1907 – “My daughter, if one fears much, it is a sign that she relies much on herself, because in noticing nothing but weaknesses and miseries within herself, she naturally and justly fears. (2 Corinthians 1:9 – …we should not trust in ourselves, but in God who raiseth the dead.) On the other hand, if one fears nothing, it is a sign that she relies on God, because by relying on God, her miseries and weaknesses are dissolved in God, and as she feels invested by the Divine Being, it is no longer she who operates, but God within her. So, what can she fear? Therefore, true trust reproduces Divine Life in the soul.”

V11 – April 10, 1912 – “My daughter, the souls who will shine the most, like bright gems in the crown of my divine mercy, are the souls who have more trust, because the more trusting they are, the more they give space for the attribute of my Mercy to pour into them all the Graces that they want. (Psalms 33:8 – O how hast thou multiplied thy mercy, O God! But the children of men shall put their trust under the covert of thy wings). On the other hand, the soul who does not have real trust closes the graces within Me, remaining poor and unequipped, while my Love remains contained within Me and suffers greatly.

In order not to suffer so much, and to be able to freely pour out my Love, I deal more with those souls who trust than with the others. With these souls I can pour out my Love, I can play, I can cause loving contrasts, since there is no worry that they may feel ashamed or afraid; rather, they become more brave and take everything in order to love Me more. Therefore, trusting souls are the outpouring and the amusement of my Love – the most graceful and the richest ones.”

V11 – August 20, 1913 – “My daughter, all possible goods are contained in My Will, and it is necessary for the soul who lives in It to be in It with trust, operating as owner together with Me. Creatures expect everything from this soul, and if they don’t receive, they feel defrauded. But how can she give if she does not operate together with Me in complete confidence? Therefore, trust in giving; simplicity in communicating herself to all; disinterest for herself, to be able to live completely for Me and for her neighbor are necessary for the soul who lives in My Will. Such am I.”

V17 – September 2, 1924 – “My daughter, calm yourself, do not fear; your Jesus will not leave you. I AM jealous of your trust, nor do I want you to even slightly distrust Me. See, I love so much the souls who are with Me in full trust, that many times I hide some defect or imperfection of theirs, or some lack of correspondence to my grace, so as to give them no occasion not to be with Me in full trust. (Psalms 9:11 – And let them trust in thee who know thy name: for thou hast not forsaken them that seek thee, O Lord.) In fact, if the soul loses trust, she remains as though separated from Me and all huddled within herself; she places herself at a painful distance from Me, and so, remaining paralyzed in her rush of love, she becomes paralyzed in sacrificing herself for Me. Oh, how much harm does distrust cause! One can say that it is like the spring frost that arrests the growth of the plants; and many times, if it is intense, the frost arrests the development of virtues, and puts cold into the most ardent love. Oh, how many times, because of lack of trust, my designs and the greatest sanctities are stopped! This is why I tolerate some defects rather than distrust – because those will never be so harmful. And then, how can I leave you, if I have worked so much within your soul? Take a look at how much I had to work.”

And as He was saying this, He showed a sumptuous and great palace, worked by the hands of Jesus in the depth of my soul. And then He continued: “My daughter, how can I leave you? Take a look at how many rooms – they are almost innumerable: how many knowledges, effects, values and qualities in My Will! I have let you know how many rooms I form in you in order to place all those goods. There is nothing left but to add some more varieties of different colors, in order to portray more rare beauties of my Supreme Will, to give more prominence and honor to my work. And you fear that I may leave such a great crafting of Mine? It costs Me too much. There is My Will involved in it; and wherever My Will is, there is Life – a Life not subject to death. And your concern is nothing but a little distrust on your part. Therefore, trust Me and we will get along, and I will accomplish the work of My Will.”

V17 – August 2, 1925 – “…How special is for Me the “I love you” directed to Me?! My daughter, the “I love you” is everything! The “I love you” is love, it is veneration, it is esteem, it is heroism, it is sacrifice, it is trust toward the one to whom it is directed.

V33 – May 26, 1935 – “My blessed daughter, fear, even though it be holy, is always a human virtue; it breaks the flight of love and gives birth to fear and hardship in the walk on the way of Good. One is always looking to the right and to the left, and arrives at fearing He who so much Loves her. It removes the sweet enchantment of trust that lets her Live in the arms of her Jesus; and if she fears too much, she loses Jesus and it makes her live by herself.

            “On the other hand, Love is Divine Virtue, and with its fire it has the Purifying virtue to Purify the soul from any stain. It unites her and Transforms her in her Jesus, and it gives her such trust as to make her enraptured by her Jesus. The sweet enchantment of trust is such and so much that they enrapture each other in turn, because the one cannot be without the other. And if she pays attention to anything, she pays attention to only if she loves He who Loves her so much. In fact, all her being becomes enraptured in Love, and since Love is the inseparable son of the Divine Volition, so it gives the First Place of Dominion to My Divine Will. It extends itself in all the acts of the creature, human and spiritual; it ennobles everything.

            “And although the human acts remain in the form and material from which they are formed, they do not change externally, all the change remains in the depth of the human will. Everything that she does remains, even the most indifferent things, changed into Divine and Confirmed by the Divine Will. Its Labor is Incessant, and It extends Its Sojourn of Peace over everything that the creature does. And as True Mother It does nothing other than enrich with Divine Conquests Its dear daughter. Therefore, banish every fear. In My Volition they have no reason to exist: neither fears, nor worries, nor mistrust. They are things that do not pertain to Us, and you must do nothing other than Live of Love and of My Will.

            “You Must Know that one of the purest joys that the creature can give Me is trust in Me. I feel her as My daughter, and I do what I want with her. I can say that trust makes Me known for who I am—that I am the Immense Being; My Goodness, without end; My Mercy, without limits. And when I find more trust, I Love her more, and I abound more toward creatures.” (Psalms 16:7 – Shew forth thy wonderful mercies; thou who savest them that trust in thee.)

V35 – March 22, 1938 – “…We Love even if We are not loved; We continue to give Life if We are ignored, and maybe even offended. And if the creature comes back to Us asking for forgiveness, We don’t reproach her; rather, We hug her and squeeze her to Our Divine Lap. One can say that man can trust only Us; (Psalm 118:8-9 It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes.) not only can he not trust other creatures, but he will find in them inconstancy and deception; and at the moment he believes he is able to rely on them, they will quit. Now, man can trust only the creature who Lives in Our Will. This creature will do as We do: not being loved, she will love; ignored or offended, she will run after the offender, to save him. We feel Ourselves within the one who Lives in Our Will, and We Love her so much that We do nothing other than pour rivers of Love upon her, to be loved more and more, and with Doubled and growing Love.”

Paragraph 154 – III. The Characteristics of Faith

Trusting in God and cleaving to the truths he has revealed are contrary neither to human freedom nor to human reason.

Paragraph 215 – III. God, “He Who Is,” Is Truth and Love

God is Truth itself, whose words cannot deceive. This is why one can abandon oneself in full trust to the truth and faithfulness of his word in all things. The beginning of sin and of man’s fall was due to a lie of the tempter who induced doubt of God’s word, kindness, and faithfulness. (2465, 1063, 156, 397)

Paragraph 322 – V. God Carries out His Plan: Divine Providence

Christ invites us to filial trust in the providence of our heavenly Father (cf. Mt 6:26-34), and St. Peter the apostle repeats: “Cast all your anxieties on him, for he cares about you” (1 Pet 5:7; cf. Ps 55:23).


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