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Association Little Children of the Divine Will. Advent retreat: Christmas, the Feast of the Divine Will.



Association Little Children of the Divine Will. Advent retreat:

Christmas, the Feast of the Divine Will.


Sunday, December 15, 2015 the Association Little Children of the Divine Will lived its new day of Advent Retreat in the light of the Divine Will.

Advent: a time of waiting and preparing for every Christian who truly feels the call for a transformation of inner life, to do the so-called “quantum leap”. Living it together means feeling that this desire is present and alive in all of us.

The retreat, which was held at the Parish Center “Luisa Piccarreta” of the Church Santa Maria Greca at  Corato, saw the participation of all the groups belonging to the Association and that of the group from Termoli that, with the Association, follows the same journey of faith.

• After the opening prayer, led by Sister Assunta with the praises to the Divine Will by Don Benedetto Calvi, the Holy Mass presided over by Fr. Sergio Pellegrini followed and then a reflection on the theme of Mercy and Justice.

The theme of Mercy is, as we know, at the base of the Jubilee opened last December 8 by Pope Francis and it is clearly analyzed and explained in his Bull of Indiction  Misericordiae Vultus. As he explained in an interview with the weekly magazine “Credere”, Mercy is the life of the Church: Paul VI anticipated it in the Second Vatican Council and Pope John Paul II highlighted it in his encyclical letter Dives in Misericordia.

God never fails to show His Mercy to creatures, knowing their limitations and weaknesses, their continuous wandering between “falls” and desire to “get up.”

Sin, Fr. Sergio says, horrifies us only when we experiences God, for having opened our hearts to Him; when we are in front of the Deity, we acknowledge our fault and that’s when the cry of the sinner who fears the total abandonment by God arose. In His humanity, Jesus lived and comprehended everything in the garden of Gethsemane: the enormity of sin and even the abandonment by His own Father.

Jesus’ death would be certain, If Mary, his Mother, had not sustained him by Her own Will, by Her own Mercy just as any mother would do with her son when he asks for help.

But Justice corresponds with Mercy  and that is where Luisa, the little servant of the Divine Will, is called to carry out her office of “victim soul” to prevent the Divine Justice from unloading Itself upon all creatures when they insist on doing their own.

In short Mercy and Justice come to constitute the “supports” on which the humanity of Christ rests and those two supports are Mary and Luisa respectively, because by living in the Divine Will, they lived of His attributes, of His virtues, contributing to the fulfillment of the Supreme Fiat and the good (salvation) of mankind.

In the second part of the retreat we couldn’t leave out the reflection on the theme of Christmas and the value of this great feast that has its own roots in the Incarnation and prodigies that come with it.

• Starting from the Gospel of John, “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (1:14), and in the light of the Divine Will, God’s descent from Heaven is an unstoppable flow of power, of wonders, of wisdom that His infinite love come to pour upon the earth.

It’s impossible for creatures to understand it fully, but the Supreme Being who possesses His incessant motion by nature and therefore the life of all things created in heaven and on earth, can’t stop His motion, otherwise all Creation would remain paralyze.

The Incarnation, therefore, departed from this incessant motion, the first and only motion, that multiplies itself enormously, and forms so many divine lives for how many creatures exist, since it is the Divinity itself that,  for justice, comes to redo every single life to return to the Father the glory and praise of all men.

And so much is the ardor of Jesus’ love for the creature that He takes no account of her ingratitude and in order to fulfill His great works He covers, for mercy, all her miseries with His Love, with His Will. Jesus come into the world to redeem all of us that were bought with a price because of His Love. So, it’s with the Incarnation and birth of Jesus that Christmas takes on its true meaning and the feast becomes the Feast of the Divine Will.

With these new meditations the day of Advent Retreat 2015 ends with the intention also, if we strongly desire this, to renew hope and experience the joy that the darkness can be converted into the light: Come, Lord Jesus, You are the light of the World!


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