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Merry Christmas!

Simply … Greetings!


It is the easiest thing to make me born,

 more so that we, do not know how to do difficult things;

our power facilitates everything;

provided that the creature live in our Volition,

everything is done.

As she wants to live of him,

already she forms the residence for your little Jesus;

as she wants to give beginning to do her acts,

so she conceives me,

and as she completes her act  she makes me be born;

 as she loves in my Volition,

thus she dresses me with light and warms me of the

so many coldnesses of creatures.

If every turn she gives me her will and takes mine,

I amuse myself and I form my game

and victory song of having conquered the human volition,

I feel myself the little victorious King.

  (Jesus to Luisa, December 25, 1938)

Dear brothers and sisters, little children of the Divine Will… FIAT!

Christmas that we are going to celebrate leads us to contemplate the simplicity of God.

The City of Bethlehem offers to everybody a splendid picture: a simple, essential and  sober scene: just a cave and manger to welcome Mary and Joseph, ready to show the world the Son of God made man. It is the power of God that facilitated everything.

The difficulties faced by the Holy Family, arriving in Bethlehem, are the result of the complicated lives of men. On that night it was difficult to accommodate a woman who was about to give birth. This meant leaving everything to deal with the imminent birth, this meant  upset what they had planned to do that night, this meant putting aside their own will to deal with the news presented to them.

But, to be born as a man, God did not want to complicate the life to anyone … a simple grotto and a manger was enough to manifest the prodigy of prodigies: the Infinite that became finite, the Creator who became creature, the Word who was made flesh and dwelt among us!

When God finds His Will in the creature He can do everything. He administers all that is needed in order to form the divine life and the most beautiful works. Instead, when there is not the Divine Volition God remains impeded; there lacks God the love, there the sanctity, there the power, there the purity and all that which is necessary in order to be reborn and form the divine life in the creature. Therefore all is on the part of creatures, because God makes Himself available to everybody

We hope that we can preserve in simplicity our heart to welcome justice and truth manifested by the coming of Jesus among us. The fruit produced by this justice and by this truth is simplicity.  It is another quality of God’s Being – being simple; so much so, that He penetrates everywhere; there is nothing that can prevent Him from penetrating inside of it.

God’s power penetrates into Heaven and into the abysses, into good and into evil; but God’s Being, which is most simple, by penetrating even into evil, does not get dirty; even more, it does not receive the slightest shadow. In the same way, through justice and truth, gathering this beautiful fruit of simplicity within herself, the soul penetrates into Heaven, she enters into hearts to lead them to God, she penetrates into everything that is good and if she finds herself with sinners and sees the evil that they do, she does not get dirty because, being simple, she immediately brushes it off, without receiving any harm. Simplicity is so beautiful, that God’s Heart is wounded at one gaze alone of a simple soul. She is the admiration of angels and men.

 Associazione Luisa Piccarreta

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