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In honor of the June 13 Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima to the children

In honor of the June 13 Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima to the children:

“I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA, the Beginning and the End, saith the Lord God,

Who Is, and Who Was, and Who Is to Come, The Almighty.”   (Rev 1:8)


V2 – 7.4.99 – This morning, Jesus Renewed in me the pains of the crucifixion; our Queen Mama was also Present, and Jesus, Speaking of Her, said: “My Kingdom was In the Heart of My Mother, and this, because Her Heart was never disturbed even slightly; so much so, that in the Immense Sea of the Passion, She Suffered Immense Pains, and Her Heart was Pierced through by the Sword of Sorrow, but She did not receive the slightest breath of disturbance. Therefore, since My Kingdom is a Kingdom of Peace, I was able to Lay My Kingdom within Her, and to Reign Freely without any obstacle.”

V2 – 7.9.99 – After this, Heaven seemed to Open and a multitude of Saints Came Down, All Armed with Swords. A Voice like Thunder Came out from within that multitude, saying: “We Come to Defend the Justice of God, and to take Revenge on men, who have so much abused His Mercy!” Who can say what was happening on earth at this Descent of the Saints? I am only able to say that some were fighting in one place, some in another; some were fleeing, and some were hiding. It seemed that all were in dismay.

V3 – 7.30.00 – Luisa stops the Sword of Justice – I spent one night and one day being restless. From the very beginning I felt I was going outside of myself, without being able to find my Adorable Jesus; I could see nothing but things that struck terror and fright in me. I could see that a fire was flaring up in Italy, and another one had flared up in China, and little by little, uniting together, they were blending into one. In this fire I could see the king of Italy who had suddenly died by a trick, and this was the means to ignite and expand the fire. In sum, I could see a revolt, a tumult, a killing of people. After having seen these things, I felt I was inside myself and I felt my soul being tortured, to the point of feeling I was dying; more so, since I could not see my Adorable Jesus.

            Then, after much waiting, He made Himself Seen with a Sword in His Hand, in the Act of Throwing it over the people. All frightened, and made a little daring, I took the Sword in my hand, telling Him: ‘Lord, what are You doing? Don’t You see how many disasters will occur if You Throw this Sword? What grieves me the most is that I see that You are putting Italy in the middle. Ah, Lord, Placate Yourself, have Pity on your images! And if You say that You Love me, Spare me this bitter sorrow.’ And while saying this, I held on to that Sword as tightly as I could. Heaving a sigh, All Afflicted, Jesus said to me: “My daughter, let it go – let it fall upon the people, for I can take No More.” And I, holding it more tightly: ‘I cannot let it go, I do not have the heart to do it.’ And He: “Have I not told you many times that I AM Forced not to let you see anything, otherwise I AM not Free to do what I Want?” And while saying this, He Lowered His Arm with the Sword, and Placed Himself in the Act of Calming His Fury.

After a little while He Disappeared from me, and I was left with the fear that, who knows, without letting me see it, He might Pull the Sword away from me and Throw it over the people. Oh, God! What a heartbreak, the mere remembering!

V4 – 10.17.00  – A suffering soul and a most humble prayer make Jesus lose All His Strength, and Render Him so weak as to let Himself Be Bound by that soul. The Appearance of Justice – As my Adorable Jesus continued to Come, I seemed to see Him in Such Great Suffering as to arouse compassion. Throwing Himself into my arms, He said to me: “My daughter, Break the Fury of My Justice, otherwise….” At that moment, I seemed to see Divine Justice, Armed with Swords, with Darts of Fire, such as to Strike Terror; and also the Fortitude with which She can Act. All frightened, I said: ‘How can I Break Your Fury if I see You So Strong as to be able to Annihilate Heaven and earth in One simple Instant?’ And He: “Yet, a suffering soul and a most humble prayer make Me Lose All My Strength, and Render Me So Weak as to let Myself Be Bound by that soul as she pleases.” And I: ‘Ah, Lord, in what an ugly Appearance is Justice Showing Herself!’ And Jesus added: “She is Not Ugly; if you see Her Armed like this, it is because of men, but in Herself She is Good and Holy, Like My other Attributes, because there can not be even a shadow of evil in Me. It is True that Her Appearance seems Harsh, Piercing, Bitter, but Her Fruits are Sweet and Delicious.” Having said this, He Disappeared.

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