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The Importance of the Command Prayer

The Command Prayer

Abba Father,

In the name of Jesus,

In the Unity and Power

of the Holy Spirit,

under the Mantle of Mary

with all the Angels and Saints

through the Intercession of

The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

take my humble prayer

and make it Your Command.

That all be accomplished and completed

In Your Most Holy Divine Will.

We Believe, We Receive.



I need to tell you of the Strength and Might of this Command prayer. I sent

the command prayer (in Spanish) to my aunt and cousins in Puerto Rico the

day of this most recent Hurricane Irma. They were already without power

since early afternoon and were bracing for the unbearable to happen, My

cousin (who had built his home of wood on top of my aunts house) moved all

his belongings out off his house thinking that it would not stand and storm.

The last I spoke to them was at 2:00pm.The storm began about 3pm and began

to pick up speed.

This morning 9/7/17 8:30 eastern time I called my aunt in Puerto Rico and

was relieved to hear her voice who was praising and thanking God for

allowing them to live another day. She began to tell me of the miracles that

occurred there during the storm. She told of the huge avocado tree that did

not lose NOT ONE avocado during the storm. They continued to watch intently

as this tree had a branch which held 15 avocados and not one was unattached.

They thought for sure the tree would be a total loss. But all fruit stayed

in tact, even the old ugly tree in front of the house which again they

thought would be lost was not touched. The most astonishing thing was that

my cousin’s house which was located on top of my aunts house, did not even

get wet… The power of the command prayer. Thank you Sweet Jesus and Mama

Luisa for sparing my families and so many others where this storm could have

been more devastating that what it was.


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