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Australian Man’s Visions, Conversion, Warnings

Australian Man’s Visions, Conversion, Warnings

September 28, 2017


Introduction! Many people who have heard my story tell me that the most amazing part was that it was a Muslim who sent me to the Saint Mary Mackillop Church (in Australia). Others are amazed at how I was healed in just an instant.

And for most, they are intrigued at the visions and messages I received.

For me, the most amazing part is finding out that God is real.

God is really real, and He loves every single person on this planet more than we can ever imagine. This includes you!

My name is Eddy and I am the father of three young boys. I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, to migrant parents of Croatian and Slovenian roots and have one sister. I went to school at St. Mary’s Rydalmere and St. Patrick’s Dundas. Being blessed with a mathematical mind, I performed well at high school with a TER of 99.85 and studied actuarial studies at university. I have been very fortunate to have worked at the large Australian banks and insurance companies both as a number cruncher and leader of people. Over the years as life became busier, I would seem to need more of these strategies to cope. Many things seemed to satisfy that inner emptiness, be it food, gambling, extreme sports, computer games, smoking, booze, drugs, binge TV, and the like.

[Eddy was then dealt a huge blow, learning he had a very rare brain cancer and was at “stage four.” He had surgery and treatment and his crises led him to the church, conversion, and a number of mystical experiences. During one of the first, Eddy, who had also visited the apparition site of Medjugorje, recounts:]

I was filled with inspired things to say to mum and Joe. Things I just didn’t know, events in my life and around the world. Only mum who witnessed all this can testify to it all. She stayed with me all day.

“Firstly, it was demonstrated to me physically how God gives world leaders their power and authority. It was also demonstrated how it can be taken away in an instant. As if a spirit can enter the body, one minute with power and authority, and the very next instant put a leader on their knees praying to God. This was demonstrated to me time and again. One instant the world leader seeking world domination with such anger and authority, and then praying to God on their knees the next.

It was shown to me how the evil one can suggest things in an incredibly powerful way, and that without living close to God then the consequence is that you are led by the evil one. Unconfessed sin, unforgiven events can be used against you by Satan in a devastating way.

It is so important to forgive and forget. Always remember that you can choose to ignore Satan’s suggestions. Remember you can always call on Jesus to help you. In the evening, I lay in bed. Something started to happen. This supernatural power from God to show you things is simply awesome in itself. The amount of information which can be placed inside you in just a few minutes, well it is beyond human comprehension.

I felt like I was being dragged through the coals of hell. Past memories haunting, physical pains, and complete unrest within. Horrible. This is where sin came into it! Sin is destructive — it feels like you are completely tied down in a thick sludge which you cannot escape. It causes real ongoing hardship inside you, and between you and others.

Hurt, pain, emotions, retaliation and the like. Sin only leads to more sin, bigger in the same sin, and to other worse sins. Some become habitual sin so that you do not even realize you are sinning, be it in language, thoughts, deeds, emotional response, and desires. These toil at you, interrupt sleep, cause angst, and get in the way of living a peaceful life.

Intergenerational sin is also very real! All of a sudden, I knew I was going to be shown something. Later, it was revealed to me that this was the spirit of judgement and fire. I had to lay on my back and wrap the rosary beads around my left hand. In all the pain, I was given the option to live or die. Death feels like a cold feeling which starts at your feet and starts to creep up your legs and pull life away from you. But this process stopped! I started to see this soft beautiful white light glow in front of me. There was a duration and intensity, and somehow I knew this was the “good” I had done in my life. It felt so nice, and I remember feeling quite happy and peaceful seeing this.

Then to compare to this was a red light which was all the “evil”, and to my surprise the red was A LOT brighter and lasted longer.

This was horrible to see. This was shown to me three times. The last time, there was about nine times as much red as white, and as such I knew that if I chose death I would go to hell.

It was then that I was asked to choose life or death. As strange as this may sound it was a difficult question to answer. The hardest part about finding out hell is a very real place, and that you can end up there is the process. It’s as if the good is weighed up against the evil and you know you belong there.

You want to go to Heaven, but you just know that you don’t belong there and that you belong in hell. And so, effectively it is you who send yourself there. God still loves you, and wants you with Him but you just don’t belong in Heaven. This is difficult to write, and I remember the process feeling very fair and just. Deep within us, we all know this is the truth as we are built knowing this. However, a beautiful soft female voice asked me “what about your kids?” And then, for the sake of my children, I decided to choose life. I was told that I had to call out aloud the word “mercy.” Have mercy on me. When I said the words “Have mercy on me” out loud, then I heard these beautiful soft female voices say “the women are in charge now.”

Even now the tears well up. This is so hard to share, as when people realize that Satan and hell are real, many will be scared like me.

But now the good news: As soon as I called out the word “mercy,” almost instantly all these angels went to work. Oh my, what they can do we just have no idea!

It was shown to me that God knows everything about us all, and I mean everything. This includes everything we have done since birth, along with every thought or desire we have ever had! It also includes the reasons we do the things we do, the motives and how we justified ourselves. It is incredibly embarrassing when you realize God knows everything about you: What you look at, what you think, everything you do is known to God!

Judgement is fair. But once we are there, it is too late to repent or be forgiven. Take this as a warning. This is not easy for me to share, as it was shown to me that I would have ended up in hell. God saved me from the fires of hell in order for me to share this vision with you all. All of you who hear this, God is calling you now to repent, forgive, ask for forgiveness and make reparations. Start doing good deeds today. Does your neighbor need someone to chat with? Is there someone that needs your help?

Start being kind to each other, focus less on the things of this world (material things), and start focusing on what you can weigh up when you come before God. For each and every one soul on this planet will come before God irrespective of wealth, nationality, or religious belief.

You are being called to share this news with as many people as you can. Many souls are being lost into hell each day, and the time of judgement is soon. I have not been told when, but it will be when you least expect it. You could be asleep, you could be at work. Ask yourselves the question, are you ready at this point in time to be judged? My brothers and sisters, when judgement comes to you, then you have no more time. The time to repent and believe in the good news is now!

Key messages! It is difficult to share with you just how God gave me all this knowledge, the visions and understanding of what I am writing in this section. The best way I can describe it is a supernatural method of transfer of knowledge, as if you just know it.

The time to change is now. No more malice. No more vengeance. No more anger or hatred. This must be in all aspects of your life. At home, at work, at school, on the walk to the shops, everywhere. Every encounter you have is a test. Find the peaceful solution to everything. Do good deeds! Now, temptation and deceit will grow in intensity, and will be ever more deceptive. Don’t rush into a decision; pause and be constantly vigilant. But don’t fear, as God is with you at all times. Hard times are coming. Look ahead, walk straight, look straight ahead. Don’t look back.

The world could be falling down all around you, and still you have no need to fear but just place your trust in God.

I was shown that no man is above or below another. The only difference is that we do different things. One is a priest, another a father, another a cleaner, another a president and thus we actually do need to love one another as Jesus taught us. I was shown that human beings are like ants before God. We are not “little Gods” or anything like that, we are humans and God is God.

However, each and every life on this planet has a huge amount of value to God. Every single person alive, including unborn babies. Every human life has a huge amount of value and purpose for God. Huge. I was shown that God loves every person on the planet. This was a key message. When this was shown to me, once again it was shown in such a supernatural way that I don’t know what words to use. While it was being shown, it was shown to me that God loves every single human being so much so that there is no human way to describe the massive love God has for each one of us!

Priests are an incredible gift from God. People have no idea how much it hurts priests (and God) when people talk in Mass or treat holy objects with irreverence. Remember, God sees everything. We actually have to listen to our priests, actually live like they teach us to.

Ask them for their blessing, for their advice, live like how they teach us. Remember that when a Catholic priest blesses you, that is a blessing from God. Treat such a blessing with respect and do not take the blessing lightly. When a priest hears Confession, it is God who is forgiving you. Respect and listen to your priest!

I was asked the question, “so what do you think of religion now?”; I was speechless. So incredibly humbled. So in awe!

[As stated] intergenerational sin is very real, and so we need to pray for forgiveness for what our ancestors have done. All these angels and spirits went inside me, through me and they even showed me how they were healing me. It was awesome, and I cannot help telling everyone I know how awesome God is, and how much He has helped my life! He literally has a massive number of angels at His command.

They went to work fixing all the sin in me, and not just the damage my sin caused me but the damage they have caused to others. This is why Confession is so so important. When you go to Confession, you are being forgiven by God. Hence at His command, His angels go to work and fix all the damage. It doesn’t mean we can just keep sinning though, we actually have to try our best to STOP sinning. Yes, repenting means making changes in your life and trying your best to STOP sinning. For example, are some types of music or TV shows leading you or suggesting to you to sin? If so, get rid of them out of your lives. Refuse to watch or listen to rubbish. Remember that even letting yourself to indulge in thoughts of sin is actually a sin. So much so, that if you only knew this you would see how much sin is in the world at the moment. It is everywhere! God wants us to enjoy life, live it to its fullest. Once the veil is lifted, you realize how unproductive all the worry has been, how many missed opportunities you have had to do good deeds. You see immediately how disgusting sin really is, how much you hate sin in all its forms, even how small sin can bog you down.

I was shown how to live, walk at peace with God. Enjoy everything being mindful that it is in fact from God. The awesomeness of His creation, the very body He has given you. I mean, once you realize that your body belongs to God and not you then you will soon change what you put into or do to your body. The human body and everything to do with it belongs to God.

I was taught to appreciate everything. Told to take things slower, and just enjoy it all; Creation was designed to be enjoyed. The feeling of warm water cleaning you in the shower, to walking along and just noticing everything around you, the clouds, the sunset, the wind on your face.

There are many other personal messages I received including diet, managing my life, and what I let into my life. If there is interest, I will write more about the above and these other in greater detail! Vision of the future! I was not allowed to sleep on the Saturday night, and over several hours I was shown a vision of what is to come.

This left me in complete awe.

Something BIG is coming to this world. A huge ending is coming, better than you can ever imagine. Better than the best Hollywood movie ever made.

We will see the power of God, the whole world will come to know there is one true God. We will be seeing more than in the days of Moses! The vision in earth time was only several hours, however in that time I was shown a massive amount of information and knowledge of what is to come.

At the end of this vision, a soft female voice told me that it was better that I didn’t know this yet. She said that all the details would be taken away. And it was taken away the next day. What I do know is that once these events start it will be unmistakable. It will be worldwide and I mean everywhere.

Once they start, the events will start to accelerate quickly. At one point in the vision, I was in complete disbelief at what I saw. As if I was completely speechless and breathless. It’s all coming soon, so now is the time to repent and believe in the good news. Do not wait another day. Empower yourself today. Make a decision each morning when you wake up.

All those who read this testimony will now start to see good and evil all around. You will see things differently now you know Satan and hell are real. You will know the truth. Your eyes will be opened, and you will see how much deceit is around the world at the moment. Wake up!

A week after experiencing healing, and visions, I took my mum and sister to mass at the Mary MacKillop chapel. After Mass, I described the events to the priest outside the church. Thinking he was going to be amazed, ask me questions, and so on. His response was awesome. He simply said “Thanks be to God.”

Short, sweet, and to the point.

My life is now so much more peaceful. I’m learning so much more about the life of Jesus Christ, how to live my life and really appreciate all we have in our lives. God has helped me so so much. Stage-four cancer gone. Fibromyalgia gone. Insurance decision reversed. Inner peace, check. Liberation from sin, check. Medication gone, check. And so now I find myself with an incredible story about love, and the perfect kind of love. The love story between human beings and God our Father the Almighty.

I see the truth now, as if the dark has just been lifted away. Jesus Christ is Lord, He came in the flesh, died for us all, rose from the dead and is still alive. Simply amazing! I didn’t expect to be able to see how much sin is everywhere. It’s all around us. It’s like cancer, starts off small and just spreads. The good news is that there is a cure for this cancer. And the cure is Jesus Christ. 

This is my testimony on how God has turned my mess into a message.

This is a message of love, forgiveness and peace. No words will ever convey how eternally grateful I am and how much I now love God. No words! [resources: The Hidden Child of Medjugorje]


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