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Blessed Christmas

Blessed Christmas in the Most Holy Divine Will


Letter #26 – So I ask dear Baby Jesus that He Himself bring you my sincere wishes.  During these days, you will prepare your heart in order to form it as a host in which the Divine Infant will come to be Reborn in you, and will bring you, as a wish and a gift, the Heartbeat and the Word of the Fiat, His Baby Tears, His Tender Moans and Wails, in order to be consoled and to receive your tender love in return.  …welcome Him soon, soothe His Crying, warm Him, and Be Attentive so that He may always remain with you.  This is what the Celestial Baby wants:  He comes to remain with you.  I am sure that you will not send Him back, and He will make of you His Royal Palace, His little Paradise.  This is the wish I am sending you; I believe you will be content.  ~ From the Letters of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta ~

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