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Happy Birthday to Little Mama Luisa! April 23

Happy and Blessed Birthday to Our Little Mama Luisa!


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The Queen Mama Sings the Praises of Her Little Daughter

V27 – 1.20.30 -“Now, You Must Know  that just as you find, present in the Divine Fiat, the Creation of the Sovereign Lady and you sing Her praises as Queen, so did She find you present in the same Divine Fiat and heard your singing.  The Mama does not want to be outdone by the daughter; from that time She sang your Praises to Honor that Divine Will that was to Possess you; and in order to requite your singing, how many times She calls the heavens, the sun, the Angels, and everything, to sing the Praises of Her little daughter who wants to Live in that Fiat that formed all Her Glory, Her Greatness, Beauty and Happiness.”




VOL. 11 – November 4, 1914 – The new and continuous way to meditate the Passion.

            I was doing the Hours of the Passion and Jesus, all pleased, told me:  “My daughter, if you knew what Great Satisfaction I Feel in seeing you repeating these Hours of My Passion – always repeating them, over and over again – you would be happy.  It is true that My Saints have meditated on My Passion and have comprehended how much I suffered, melting in tears of compassion, so much so, as to feel consumed for love of My Pains; but not in such a continuous way, and repeated many times in this order.  Therefore I can say that you are the First one to give Me this Pleasure, So Great and Special, as you keep fragmenting within you – hour by hour – My Life and what I Suffered.  And I Feel So Drawn that, hour by hour, I Give you this food and I Eat the Same Food with you, doing what you do Together with you.  Know, however, that I will Reward you Abundantly with New Light and New Graces; and even after your death, each time souls on earth will do these Hours of My Passion, in Heaven I will Clothe you with Ever New Light and Glory.”

Luisa Piccarreta The Little Daughter of the Divine Will
Written by Father Bernardino Giuseppe Bucci, Parish Priest Cappuccino

Immaculate Church – Trinitapoli (Foggia) 1980, With Ecclesiastical Approval

            Saint Padre Pio sent many people to Luisa Piccarreta and would say to the people of Corato who went to San Giovanni Rotondo: “What have you come here for?  You have Luisa, go to her.”

            (…)Aunt Rosaria (Fr. Bucci’s aunt) went regularly to San Giovanni Rotondo, especially after Luisa’s death.  Padre Pio knew her very well, and when Luisa was still alive he would ask Aunt Rosaria when he saw her: “‘Rosa’, how is Luisa?”  Aunt Rosaria would answer him: “She is well!”.

            After Luisa’s death, Aunt Rosaria increased her visits to San Giovanni Rotondo, in order to receive enlightenment and advice from Padre Pio.

            Aunt Rosaria was the one lamp that stayed alight to resolve Luisa Piccarreta’s case regarding the sentence of the Holy Office, visiting various ecclesiastical figures and, in addition, confronting the Congregation of the Holy Office.  Once she managed – it is not known how – to enter the office of the Cardinal Prefect, Ottaviani, who heard her kindly and promised to take up the case.

            Indeed, a few days later, Aunt Rosaria was summoned by Archbishop Addazi of Trani, who said to her: “Miss Rosaria, I do not know whether to reprimand you or to admire you for your courage.  You have faced the guard dog of the Church, the great defender of the faith, without being bitten.”

            The conclusion was that permission was obtained to move Luisa’s body from the cemetery to the Church of Santa Maria Greca. Luisa said to my aunt: “You will be my witness”  and one day Padre Pio told her point-blank in his Benevento dialect: “‘Rosa’, va nanz, va nanz ca Luisa iè gran e u munn sarà chin di Luisa”  (“Rosaria, go ahead, go ahead for Luisa is great and the world will be full of Luisa”).  My aunt often recounted this episode, but things were not going well: everything indicated that Luisa would soon be forgotten.

            After the venerated Padre Pio’s death, my aunt said one day: “Padre Pio prophesied that Luisa would be known throughout the world.”..And she repeated the phrase Padre Pio had said in his dialect.

            I answered that there would be no easy solution to the case of Luisa Piccarreta.  Indeed nothing further was said of it in Corato either, and Padre Pio’s words could have been considered merely a comforting remark.  But Aunt Rosaria retorted: No!  During my confession Padre Pio told me that Luisa is not a human factor, she is a work of God and He Himself will make her emerge.  The world will be astounded at her greatness; not many years will pass before this happens.  The new millennium will see Luisa’s light.”

            I was silent at this assertion and my aunt asked me: But do you believe in Luisa?

I answered her that I did. 

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