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God the Father of All Mankind is Celebrated the First Sunday in August

The Feast Day for God the Father of All Mankind is celebrated the first Sunday in August

Book of Heaven: V33 – 2.10.34 – “My blessed daughter, for one who Lives in My Will, All times are hers. And I Love to Hear Repeated to Me by her what creatures have not done for Me, because with So Much Love I have Operated for them, as well as what they have done for Me. Therefore, one who Lives in My Will finds Creation in Act, and she, in the azure sky, in the refulgent sun, in the twinkling stars, gives Me her kisses, her filial love, and O! how content I AM that in So Many Created things I find the love, the kisses, the grateful act of My daughter. And I Convert All things for her into Joy, into Defense, and into her Property. O! how Beautiful it is to be Recognized, Loved, in those Same Works, because We have done them, because We have Loved.

“She finds the little epoch of innocent Adam, and together with him she gives Me his Innocent Embraces, his Chaste Kisses, his Love of Son. And I, O! how Happy I Feel because I See My Paternity Recognized, Loved, Honored. O! how Beautiful it is to Feel Myself Father, and as such feel Myself Loved by My children. And I Exchange My Kisses, My Paternal Embraces, and I Give to her as Right of her Property the Infinite Joy of My Paternity. What will I not give to My children after I have been Loved and Recognized as Father? Everything. I will not deny them Anything, and they will give Me the Right, the Joy, of My children.

“I do not know how to deny Anything to one who Lives in My Will; if I could do this, I would deny it to Myself. Therefore I Give Everything, and she Repeats for Me the Scenes of Giving Me Everything. Therefore, in It there are Exchanges of Works, Reciprocal Love that Forms Such Moving Scenes as to Form the Paradise of God and of the soul. O! thousands and thousands of times Blessed is one who Comes to Live in the Celestial Sojourn of My Will. (…)

“In fact, in Our Will the creature is the “True Queen.” Everything is hers, and she makes Us Such Surprises with Our Works, that it Enraptures Us and Forms Our Happiness, that the creature can Give to Us in Our Most Holy Will.”

V35 – 1.10.38 – “We love You, our Father Who art in the Heavens.  We love You, our Father Who dwells in our hearts…!”’


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