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Spiritually United to the Winged Hussars and All of Heaven

These warriors were the most feared and the most incredibly successful warriors
in the history of the world, until now.
We are spiritually united to the Winged Hussars and all of Heaven.
We are called to fight and win the Great and Final Battle with an unseen Divine Weapon.

The Great and Final Battle has come and it will be more significant than Lepanto.
Mary, Our Queen and Mother will have the Great Victory
through her Son and Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The evil one’s head will finally be crushed!

Come Divine Will, fight in our Final Battle and make this prayer, God’s Holy Command!
Little mamma Luisa be our Guide.
St. Michael the Archangel and all the Holy Angels and Servants of God
we, the little children of the Holy Divine Will, are united with you and all of Heaven.

Forward little ones,
be filled with Divine Courage,
and have Faith in God.
Jesus, Mary and Luisa are with us!

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