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October – Month of the Holy Rosary

“While still a child, I kept hearing the name of a woman who had been bedridden for more than forty years.  My mother was fond of her, and often spoke about her.  Especially in the moments of sorrow and oppression, she would run to her to implore her prayers.  After twenty years, I went back to visit this soul again, and I found her always the same: placid and smiling, working with the fusetti of the tombolo in her hands, or with the Rosary between her fingers, in attitude of prayer…Seventy years in bed!  One entire long existence.  Well, from 1878 to 1947, this soul spent her life in solitude, in suffering, in silence, and in prayer.

 This soul had a name known to many: Luisa Piccarreta, called “Luisa, the Saint.”

From Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will
Written by Father Bernardino Giuseppe Bucci, OFM

Parish Priest Cappuccino

Immaculate Church – Trinitapoli (Foggia) 1980

With Ecclesiastical Approval

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