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Passion Sunday

Passion Sunday – (Traditional calendar)

When Luisa had finished writing the Hours of the Passion, she wrote a letter which she gave to Saint Annibale together with the book, who included it in the book’s preface when he published it…“I am finally sending you this hand-written copy of The Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I have also enclosed a few sheets on which I have described the effects and the beautiful Promises which Jesus makes to all those who meditate these Hours of the Passion. I believe that if whoever meditates on them is a sinner he will convert; if he is imperfect he will become perfect; if he is holy he will become holier; if he is tempted he will find victory; if suffering he will find strength, medicine and comfort in these Hours; if weak and poor he will find a spiritual food and a mirror in which to look at himself continually, and so become beautiful and similar to Jesus, Our Model. Jesus’ Joy is So Immense when someone meditates on the Hours of the Passion, that He would like to see at least one copy of these meditations being used in every city and town. Because then it would be as if Jesus were hearing His Own Voice and His Own Prayers which He raised to His Father during the twenty-four hours of His Painful Passion. And if this is done at least by a few souls in each town and city, He Himself Promises that the Divine Justice will be Appeased in part, and punishments will be lessened.”

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