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Padre Bucci’s Funeral

He was buried in the Bucci family tomb in Corato, where the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta was buried until 1963. On July 3, 1963 Luisa’s body was moved inside the Church Santa Maria Greca, Corato, Italy.

Born in Corato June 15, 1935 – He grew to know Luisa from a young boy and saw many Miracles around her and was prophesied to become a priest by Luisa.

Ordained March 14, 1964 in the Capuchin Church of Triggiano, Italy by his Excellency Mgr. Nicodemo, Archbishop of Bari.

Padre Bucci’s beloved Aunt Rosaria Bucci (1898-1978), for most of her life personally cared for the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta. She instrumentally and tirelessly promoted the beginnings of the Cause of Luisa at the Spiritual Direction of St. Padre Pio.  Rosaria personally gave to Padre Bucci Volumes 35 and 36 from the book of Heaven, original Volumes that did not go to the Vatican at the time of confiscation. Fr. Bucci was the first priest to read and study and put into practice the Truths given to Luisa from Jesus.

Our Lady, Santa Maria Greca, The Protectress of Corato, has shown a GREAT LIGHT to us, as he passed on the eve of the Feast of Santa Maria Greca, with his Funeral Mass being offered in Bari on her Feast day. 

Santa Maria Greca

Pray for Padre Bucci, for the Church and all souls! 

Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

Pray for Padre Bucci, the Church and all souls!

Rosaria Bucci and all Saints and Angels

Pray for the Church and all souls!

 Padre Bucci pray for us! We love you in the Fiat!


V12 – 3.14.19 – “Once you did for me a beautiful suffrage.  If you knew the Good you did to me, the Refreshment that I felt, the years that I paid off….”  And I:  ‘I Luisa, don’t remember.  Tell me what it was, and I will repeat it for you.’  And he:  “You Immersed yourself in the Divine Volition, and took Its Power, the Immensity of Its Love, the Immense Value of the Pains of the Son of God and of All the Divine Qualities.  You came over me and Poured them upon me; and as you Poured them, I received the Bath of the Love that the Divine Power contains, the Bath of the Beauty, the Bath of the Blood of Jesus, and of All the Divine Qualities.  Who can tell you the Good you did to me?  They were all Baths which contained a Divine Power and Immensity.  Repeat it for me – repeat it for me.”

V19 – 6.21.26 – This morning, having received Holy Communion, I received It as usual in the Most Holy Will of God, offering It to my dear Saint Aloysius (Fr. Bucci) – not only the Communion, but all the Goods contained in the Most Holy Will of God, for his accidental glory.  Now, while doing this, I saw that all the Goods contained in the Supreme Volition, like many Rays of Light, Rays of Beauty and of multiple Colors, Inundated the dear Saint (Fr. Bucci) , giving him an Infinite glory. 

 V26 – 6.27.29 – Having received Holy Communion, I was offering It for the glory of Saint Aloysius (Fr. Bucci) , and I offered, as a present for him, everything that Our Lord had done in His Divine Will with His Mind, with His Words, Works and Steps, for the accidental glory of Saint Aloysius (Fr. Bucci) on his feast day.  Now, while I was doing this, my Sweet Jesus, Moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, a more Beautiful Present you could not give to dear Saint Aloysius (Fr. Bucci) on the day of his feast.  As you were offering your Communion and all My Acts done in My Divine Will, So Many SUNS were Formed for as many Acts as I did in It while being on earth; and these SUNS Invested Saint Aloysius (Fr. Bucci) , in such a way that he received so much accidental glory from the earth, that he could not receive more.  Only the Offerings of Acts done In My Divine Will have the Virtue of Forming their SUNS, because, containing the Fullness of Light, it is no wonder that It Converts into SUNS the human acts done in It.”


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