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Luisa and the Feast of Purim

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Purim, or the Festival of Lots, is a joyous holiday that celebrates the Biblical story of the rescue of the Jews in ancient Persia:

V36 – 10.30.38 – “We even reach the extent of Giving her the Right to Judge Together with Us, and if We See that she suffers because the sinner is under a rigorous Judgment, to soothe her pain We Mitigate Our Just Chastisements.  She makes Us Give the Kiss of Forgiveness, and to make her happy we say to her:  ‘poor daughter, you are right.  You are Ours and belong also to them.  You feel in you the bonds of the human family, therefore you would want that We Forgive everybody.  We’ll do as much as We can to please you, unless he despises or refuses Our Forgiveness.’  This creature In Our Will is the New Esther wanting to Rescue her peoples.

Oh! how Happy We are to Keep her Always with Us In Our Will because, through her, We feel more Inclined to Use Mercy, to Concede Graces, to Forgive the most obstinate sinners, and to Abbreviate the pains of the Purging souls.  Poor daughter!  She has a thought for everyone, and a pain similar to Ours, seeing the human family swimming in Our Will without recognizing It – living in the middle of enemies in the most wretched misery.”

Luisa, the New Esther, Pray for us in the Most Holy Divine Will, and Rescue us from the misery of our human will!



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