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Upright Intention – October 21



10/21/01 – Vol. 4

The upright intention. Everything which is not done for God is dispersed like dust by a mighty wind.

This morning, on coming, blessed Jesus seemed to be making a Circle with His Arms almost to enclose me inside of it; and while clasping me, He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), when the soul does everything for Me, everything remains Enclosed in this Circle – nothing goes out, be it even a sigh, a heartbeat, or just any movement. Everything enters into Me, and in Me everything is numbered. And I (Jesus), as Recompense, pour them back into the soul, but all doubled with Grace, in such a way that, as the soul (Luisa and the souls Linked to Luisa) pours them once again into Me, and I into her, she comes to Acquire a Surprising Capital of Grace. All this is My Way of Delighting – that is, to give to the creature what she has given Me as if it were her own, always adding from My Own. One who, with his ingratitude, prevents Me from giving what I want, prevents My Innocent Delights. If then one does not operate for Me, everything goes out of My Circle, dispersed, like dust by a mighty wind.


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