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The Cross, a Way Strewn with Stars




10/22/99 – Vol. 2

The cross, a way strewn with stars.

Jesus continues to make Himself seen afflicted. The moment He came, He threw Himself into my arms, totally exhausted, almost wanting Refreshment. He shared with me a little bit of His Sufferings, and then He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), the way of the cross is a way strewn with stars, and as one walks through it, those stars change into most luminous suns. What will be the happiness of the soul for all Eternity in being surrounded with these suns? Furthermore, the great reward I (Jesus) give to the cross is so great that there is no measure, either of width or of length – it is almost incomprehensible to the human minds; and this, because in bearing crosses, there can be nothing human – all is Divine.”

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