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The soul (Luisa) who Lives in the Fiat Makes All Divine Works Arise

10/25/28 – Vol. 25      
The soul (Luisa) who Lives in the Fiat makes All the Divine Works Arise and puts them All in the Field.  Example.  The Welcomed one of the Celestial Father.

LUISA14I feel my little and poor mind as though fixed in the Divine Fiat.  I feel all the Strength of the Sweet Enchantment of the Light of Its Truths, the Enchanting Scenes of all the Prodigies and Varieties of Beauties It contains; and even if I wanted to think about something else, I lack the time to do it, because the Sea of the Divine Volition Murmurs always, and Its Murmuring deafens and strikes dumb all other things, and keeps me Plunged into Its Sea, to Murmur together with It.  Oh! Power! oh! Sweet Enchantment of the Eternal Volition!  How Admirable and Lovable You are!  And so I would want everyone to Murmur together with me, and I prayed the Sovereign Queen to give me the Murmuring of Her Love, of Her Kisses, so as to give them back to Jesus, because I had received Communion and I felt that, in order to please Jesus, I wanted to give Him the Kisses of His Mama.

And my always lovable Jesus, moving and making Himself felt in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), everything that the Queen of Heaven did is all in that Divine Fiat that She had the Glory, the Honor to Possess.  It can be said that all of Her Acts are Enveloped within the Endless Sea of the Divine Volition, and swim in It like the fish swim in the sea; and the soul (Luisa) who Lives in It makes Arise not only all the Acts of My Celestial Mama, but she makes Arise again, and puts in the Field, all the Works of her Creator.  Only one (Luisa) who Lives in My Will can sit at the Divine Table, can open all His Treasures, can enter into the Sacrarium of the most intimate Secrets of the Divine Hiding Places, and, as the owner, takes them and gives them back to her Creator.

“And, oh! how many things she (Luisa) puts in Motion.  She (Luisa) makes them Arise, and Places all the Divine Works in Attitude, and now she (Luisa) Plays a Divine Melody, now she (Luisa) Performs a Scene, of the most Beautiful and Touching, now she (Luisa) Puts all of His Love in Motion, and making it Arise again, she (Luisa) Forms an Enchanting Scene, all of Love, for Her Creator.  So, she (Luisa) is the Renewer of all Joys and Happinesses for Her Creator.

“See, as you (Luisa) wanted to give Me the Kisses of the Queen Mama, you (Luisa) put them in Motion and they ran to Kiss Me.  It happens to one (Luisa) who lives in My Divine Will as to someone who entered into a royal palace, and the king who lives in it has music concerts, objects with which to form the most beautiful scenes, and works of art of varied beauty.  Now, the person who enters, sits at the music concert and plays.  Attracted by that sound, the king runs and goes to listen to the sonata.  Then, seeing that the king enjoys it, that person moves on and puts the objects in motion, putting the scene in action.  The king remains enraptured, and even though he knows that those are his own things, yet, it was that person who put them in motion in order to give him pleasure.

“So it is for one (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Fiat.  She Enters into the Royal Palace of her Celestial Father, and finding many varied Beauties, she puts them in Motion, to Gladden, Delight and Love He who let her in.  And since there is no Good that My Eternal Volition does not Possess, there is no Joy, Love, Glory that the soul (Luisa) cannot give to her Creator.  And, oh! how pleasing she (Luisa) is to Us, as We see this Fortunate Creature (Luisa) in Our Royal Palace of Our Divine Volition, who wants to take everything, wants to put everything in Motion, wants to touch everything.

“It seems that she (Lusia) is not content if she (Luisa) does not take everything in order to give Us everything, to make Feast for Us and Renew for Us Our Joys and Happinesses.  And We (the Holy Trinity), in seeing her (Luisa), welcome her, and We Ourselves say to her:  ‘Dearest daughter (Luisa), hurry, hurry, Play for Us (the Holy Trinity) a little Divine Sonata of Ours, repeat for Us (the Holy Trinity)  a Touching Scene of Love, Renew for Us (the Holy Trinity) Our Happiness.’

“And she (Luisa) Renews for Us (the Holy Trinity) now the Joys of Creation, now that of the Sovereign Queen, now that of Redemption.  And she (Luisa) always ends with her, and Our (the Holy Trinity’s), pleasing Refrain:  ‘Your Will be Known and Reign on earth as It does in Heaven.’”

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