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Investing Self with Jesus to Receive Him in the Sacrament



10/24/18 – Vol. 12

The soul must invest herself with Jesus to be able to receive Him in the Sacrament.

I was preparing myself to receive my sweet Jesus in the Sacrament, and I prayed that He Himself would cover my great misery. And Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), in order to allow the creature to have all the necessary means to receive Me, I (Jesus) wanted to Institute this Sacrament on the last day of My Life, so as to line up My whole Life around each Host, as preparation for each creature who would receive Me. The creature could never have received Me, if she had not had a preparing God, Who was taken only by Excess of Love for wanting to Give Himself to the creature. And since the creature was unable to receive Me, that same Excess of Love led Me to Give My whole Life in order to prepare her, so It placed My Steps, My Works, My Love before her own. And since within Me there was also My Passion, It placed also My Pains in order to prepare her. So, invest yourself with Me; cover yourself with each one of My Acts, and come.”

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