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Effects of the Imprisonment of Jesus in the Passion.


Jesus taken prisoner 12/4/18 – Vol. 12

Effects of the imprisonment of Jesus in the Passion.

I spent last night in prison with Jesus. I compassionated Him, I clung to His Knees to sustain Him; and Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), during My Passion I (Jesus) also wanted to suffer imprisonment, in order to free the creature from the prison of sin. Oh, what a horrible prison sin is for man! His passions chain him like a vile slave, while My imprisonment and My chains released him and unbound him.

For loving souls, My imprisonment formed their prison of Love, in which to remain safe and sheltered from everyone and everything. And I released them to keep them as Living prisons and tabernacles which were to warm Me from the coldness of the tabernacles of stone and, even more, from the coldness of the creatures who, imprisoning Me within themselves, make Me die of cold and starvation. This is why many times I leave the prisons of the tabernacles and I (Jesus) come into your heart, to be warmed and to refresh Myself with your love. And when I see you (Luisa) going in search of Me in the tabernacles of the churches, I (Jesus) say to you (Luisa): ‘Are you not the True Prison of Love for Me? Look for Me inside your heart, and Love Me!”

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