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The Divine Fiat made the Virgin Conceived in each creature so that everyone would have a Mother completely his own

FROM THE BOOK OF HEAVENOur Lady of Sorrows for September 312/20/36 – Vol. 34

The Divine Fiat made the Virgin Conceived in each creature so that everyone would have a Mother completely his own.  Dowry that God gave to the Virgin.  Triumphs and Victories of God, Victories and Triumphs of the Virgin, in which all creatures are provided with a Dowry.

My Highest Good Jesus holds me as immersed in the Great Prodigy of the Sovereign Queen, and it seems that He has the Will of wanting to tell what God Operated in this Great Lady.  And composing Himself to feast, and with Indescribable Joy, He tells me:  “Listen to Me—here follows the same argument of what was written before—My blessed daughter (Luisa).  The Prodigies are Unheard-of.  The Surprises that I (Jesus) will narrate to you will astonish everyone.  I feel the need of Love to make known what thing We have done with this Celestial Mother, and the Great Good that all the generations have received.  Therefore you must know that in the Act of Conceiving this Holy Virgin, Our Divine Will that possesses everything, and with Its Immensity embraces everything and possesses the All-Seeingness of all the possible and imaginable beings, and with Its Virtue all Its own, that when It Operates It always does Universal Work, as She was therefore Conceived, with Its Creative Virtue It called all creatures to be conceived in the Heart of this Virgin.

“But it was not enough for Our Love.  Giving into the most incredible Excesses, It made this Virgin Conceived in every creature so that each one would have a Mother to himself, all his.  They would feel Her Maternity in the depth of their souls, Her Love that while She holds them, more than children, conceived in Herself, Bilocating Herself She Conceives Herself in every creature in order to place Herself at their disposition so as to raise them, guide them, free them from dangers, and, with Her Maternal Power, feed them the milk of Her Love and the food with which She nourishes Herself, that is, the Divine Fiat.  Our Will, having Free Life in Her, Its Total Dominion, with Its Power, It called everything into this Celestial Creature in order to have the Joy of seeing everyone contained in Her, in order to hear Her say:  ‘They are already all in Me, My and Your children, therefore I Love You for everyone.’  Then She Bilocated Herself in everyone and in each one in order to make felt in every soul the Love of this Daughter of Ours, All Beautiful and All Love.

“We can say:  ‘There is no creature in whom She does not take the pledge of Loving Us.’  Our Fiat elevated Her so much, as to give everything to Her.  And even from the first instant of Her Life, We constituted Her Queen of Our Fiat, Queen of Our Love.  And when She Loved Us, Her Maternity was felt in Her Love, and it harmonized with the Love of all creatures.  And O! how Beautiful it was that She formed of everything One Single Love.  How She Wounded Us, Felicitated Us, even to feeling Ourselves languish.

3c3527af8097bb56461281d33dc89f8a“Her Love disarmed Us, it made us see all created things—sky, sun, earth, seas, and creatures—covered and hidden in Her Love.  O! how Beautiful it was to see Her, feel Her, that She acted as Mother in every creature, and forming in them Her Sea of Love, She sent Her notes, Her arrows, Her Loving darts to Her Creator.  And acting as True Mother She brought them to Us, even to before Our Throne, in the Sea of Her Love, in order to make Us look at them, so as to render Us Favorable.  And with the Strength of Our Divine Volition She imposed Herself over Us, She placed them in Our Arms, She made Us caress and kiss them, and She made Us give Surprising Graces.  How many Sanctities were formed and impetrated by this Celestial Mother, and in order to be sure, Her Love remained to watch.

“In addition to this, you must know that even from the first instant of the Life of this Celestial Creature, so much was Our Love that We provided Her with a Dowry of all Our Divine Qualities such that She held as Dowry Our Power, Wisdom, Love, Goodness, Light, Beauty, and all the rest of Our Divine Qualities.  Already for all creatures, in placing them to the light of day, We give the Dowry.  No one is born if he is not provided with a Dowry by his Creator.  But since they broke away from Our Will, one can say that they do not even know It.  On the other hand, this Holy Virgin never broke away, She made Perennial Life in the Interminable Seas of Our Fiat, therefore She grew together with Our Attributes.  And as She formed Her Acts in Our Divine Qualities, so She formed Seas of Power, of Wisdom, of Light, and others.

“We can say that Living with Our Science We give Her continuous Lessons on who Her Creator was.  She grew in Our Knowledges, and She knew so much about the Supreme Being, that not one Angel or Saint could reach Her.  Rather, they are all ignorant before Her, because no one grew and Lived together with Us.  She entered into Our Divine Secrets, into the most Intimate hiding places of Our Divine Being without beginning or end, into Our Joys and Everlasting Beatitudes.  And with Our Power that She held in Her Power, She dominated Us and lorded over Us, and We let Her do it.  Rather, We enjoyed Her lording over Us, and in order to render Her Happier, We gave Her Our Chaste Embraces, Our Smiles of Love, Our Condescesions, telling her:  ‘Do what you want.’

“Our Volition has so much Love toward the creatures, and great is Its Desire of making them Live in It, that if It obtains this, It casts her into an abyss of Graces, of Love, even to drowning her, such that the human littleness is constrained to say:  ‘Enough, I am already drowned; I feel myself devoured by Your own Love, I am not able to endure more.’  Now, you must know that Our Love is not content; it never says ‘enough.’  However much more it can give, more it wants to give.  And when We give it is Our Feast, We set the table for the one who loves Us, and We urge her remain with Us in order to Live together.

“Now, My daughter, listen to another Prodigy of Our Fiat in this Celestial Creature, and how She Loved Us and rendered Her Maternity extendable to all creatures:  In every Act that She did, if She Loved, Prayed, Adored, if She Suffered, everything, even the breath, the heartbeat, the step, being Our Fiat, were Triumphs and Victories that Our Supreme Being made in the Acts of the Virgin.  The Celestial Lady Triumphed and Conquered in God, in every instant of Her Admirable and Prestigious Life.  They were Triumphs and Victories between God and the Virgin.  But this is nothing.  Acting as True Mother She called all Her children, and She covered and hid all their acts in Hers, and She covered them with Her Triumphs and with Her Victories, giving all Her acts as Dowry, with all Her Victories and Triumphs.  And then, with a Tenderness and Love as to break hearts and feel Ourselves Conquered, She told Us:  ‘Adorable Majesty, look at them, they are all My children.  My Victories and Triumphs are of My children, they are My Conquests that I give to them.  And if the Mama has Conquered and Triumphed, the children have Conquered and Triumphed.’

“And so many Triumphs and Victories She did in God, for however many acts all creatures would have ourladyofvictorydone, such that all can say:  ‘I am provided with a Dowry by the Acts of My Queen Mama, and for Seal She has Invested them for me with Her Triumphs and Victories that She made with Her Creator.’  In fact, one who wants to make himself holy, finds the Dowry of his Celestial Mother and Her Triumphs and Victories in order to arrive at the greatest Sanctity.  The weak one finds the Strength of the Sanctity of his Mama and Her Triumphs in order to be strong.  The afflicted, the suffering one, finds the Gift of the sufferings of his Celestial Mother in order to obtain the Triumph, the Victory, of resignation.  The sinner finds the Victory and the Triumph of pardon.  In sum, everyone finds in this Sovereign Queen the Dowry, the support, the help for the state in which they find themselves.  And O! how Beautiful it is.  It is the most moving scene, enrapturing and enchanting, to see this Celestial Mother in every creature, that She acts as Mama.  We feel that She Loves and prays in Her children.  This is the Greatest Prodigy among Heaven and earth, Greater Good We could not give to the creatures.

“Now My daughter, I must tell you a Sorrow of the Celestial Mother:  to so much Love of Hers, the ingratitude of creatures.  This Dowry that with so many sacrifices, even to the heroism of the Sacrifice of the Life of Her Son-God with so many atrocious sufferings, some do not know it; some hardly take a small interest, and they live poor in sanctity.  And O! how She Suffers in seeing Her children poor.  To possess Immense riches of Love, of Grace, of Sanctity—because they are not material riches, but the riches of this Celestial Mother are riches that She has placed Her Life in order to acquire for them—and not to see them possessed by Her children, and to hold them without the Purpose for which She had acquired them, is a continuous Sorrow.  And therefore She wants to make this Great Good known to everyone, because if it is not known, it cannot be possessed.  And since She acquired these Dowries in virtue of the Divine Fiat that Reigned in Her, that Loved Her so much that It let Her do what She wanted, and anywhere She would want to reach, for the Good of creatures, so it will be My Reigning Divine Volition that will make them aware of these Celestial Dowries, and will let them take possession.  Therefore pray that a Good so Great be known and wanted by creatures.”

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