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The Good of being Faithful and Attentive.


2/13/23 – Vol. 15

The Good of being Faithful and Attentive.

LUISA14I felt all afflicted, and my sweet Jesus, making Himself seen for just a little, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), Courage, be Faithful and Attentive to Me, because Faithfulness and Attentiveness produce equality of Humors in the soul, forming one single Humor and establishing Perfect Peace; and this Peace renders her Dominator, in such a way that she does whatever she wants, and reaches wherever she wants.  Especially for one who Lives in My Divine Will, it happens as to the sun – it never changes, one is its act:  to unleash light and heat from its sphere.  It does not do something today, and something else tomorrow; it is always faithful and constant in doing the same thing.  But while its act is one, as this act descends and hits the surface of the earth, how many different acts do not take place?  They are almost innumerable.  If it finds a flower half-closed, with the kiss of its light and with its heat, it opens it and gives it color and fragrance.  If it finds an unripe fruit, it matures it and gives it sweetness.  If it finds fields that are green, it makes them golden.  If it finds air that is putrid, it purifies it with the kiss of its light.  In sum, to all things it gives what they need for their existence on this earth, and to be able to produce the utility which they contain, and which has been established by God.  So, by its faithfulness and by doing always the same thing, the sun is the Fulfillment of the Divine Will over all created things.  Oh, if the sun were not always equal in sending its light, how many fluctuations, how many disorders there would be on earth!  And man would not be able to make any calculation, either about fields, or about plants.  He would say:  ‘If the sun does not send me its light and its heat, I do not know when I am supposed to harvest, nor when the fruits will mature.’

The same happens with the soul who is Faithful and Attentive:  in My Divine Will one is her Act, but its Effects are Innumerable.  On the other hand, if she is inconstant and inattentive, neither she nor I can make any calculation, nor establish the Good which she can produce.”


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