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How the Acts of (Luisa) one who Lives in the Divine Will are extended for all, and become the Narrators of the Supreme Being. Display of Love. How God Created Forgiveness in Creating the Virgin.


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How the Acts of (Luisa)  one who Lives in the Divine Will are extended for all, and become the Narrators of the Supreme Being.  Display of Love.  How God Created Forgiveness in Creating the Virgin.

My flight continues in the Divine Volition.  O, how lost I feel inside Its Immensity!  Its Power and Activity are such that, when It Operates in the act of the creature, It wants to give that act to everyone, filling Heaven and earth, to make everyone see and feel what It can do and how It can Love.  I remained surprised, and my beloved Jesus, visiting my little soul, all Goodness told me:  “My blessed daughter (Luisa), the Love of My Divine Will Operating in the creature is such as to appear unbelievable.  When It Works, My Divine Will wants all to receive that Act and make it their own.  With Its Omnipotent Breath, It puts wings on that Act so as to impose it on the sun, the Heaven, the stars, the wind, the sea, and even the air that all breathe.  Then it flies higher, up to the Celestial Regions, and everyone—the Angels, the Saints, the Mother and Queen, and even Our Divinity—goes through that Act, in such a way that they all must be able to say:  ‘This Act is mine.’  But do you know why?  The Love of My Divine Will is such that It wants everyone to possess Its Act, giving Life to each one of them.  It wants to decorate, ornament and Invest everything and everyone with Its Creative Virtue in order to receive the Glory, the Love and the Honor of My Divine Will from everything and from each one.

“My Volition never stops.  It is satisfied only when It sees that Its Act has filled everything; then, It carries along with Itself—as a Triumph—(Luisa) the creature who gave It the freedom to Operate in her act, to make It known and be Loved by all.  These are Our Feasts—Our Pure Joys of Creation:  to be able to place Ourselves in the creature, as if We wanted to duplicate Our Power, Immensity, Love and Glory to the Infinite, within the human act of the creature.  And there’s no wonder about it—Our Divine Will is everywhere; therefore, Our Acts that Animate the acts of the creatures fly, taking shelter inside Our Volition, even in the most tiny hiding places in which My Divine Will is present.  These Acts serve Us as a return of Love for the whole of Creation, as the sweetest of company—as narrators of Our Supreme Being.  Therefore, Our Love is Exuberant for (Luisa) the one who wants to Live in Our Fiat.  We are all Eyes over her—almost spying—to see when she gives Us her act; to let Our Creative Virtue Operate in it.  This creature is for Us the show of Our Love—the Activity of Our Power; and she (Luisa) becomes the Repeater of Our own Life.”

After this, I continued my Round in the Divine Volition, while my sweet Jesus transported my little will inside the Creative Act of His Will.  My God, how many Surprises!  My poor intelligence gets lost and is unable to say anything.

queen-rosaryThen, my always Adorable Jesus, repeating His short little visit, all Goodness told me:  “My good daughter (Luisa), Our Fiat displayed Our Operating, Powerful and Wise Love in the Creation, in such a way that all created things are Filled with Our Love, Power, Wisdom and Unspeakable Beauty.  We can call them ‘the Administrators of Our Supreme Being.’  But We did even more in the Creation of the Sovereign Queen (Mary).  Our Love was not satisfied by the mere display, rather, It wanted to assume the Attitude of Piety, Tenderness and Compassion, so profound and intimate, as to be turned into Tears for Love of the creatures.  This is why, as We pronounced Our Fiat to Create Her and called Her to Life, We Created Forgiveness, Mercy and Reconciliation between Us and humankind, and We deposited it in this Celestial Creature (Mary), as the Administrator between Our children and Hers.  Therefore, the Sovereign Lady (Mary) possesses Seas of Forgiveness, Mercy and Piety, as well as seas of tears of Our Love, in which She can cover all human generations, Regenerated in these Seas Created by Us within Her—Seas of Forgiveness, of Mercy, and of a Piety so tender as to soften the hardest hearts.

“My daughter (Luisa), it was Just that everything was deposited in this Celestial Mother so that, having to possess the Reign of Our Divine Will, She might be entrusted with everything.  She is the only One who has sufficient space to be able to possess those Seas Created by Us.  With Its Creative and Preserving Power, Our Divine Will maintains whatever It Creates intact, without ever lessening, in spite of Our continuous Giving.  Therefore, where Our Divine Will is not present We cannot give, or entrust, or deposit—We just do not find the space.  Our Love remains hampered, to perform the many Beautiful Works We want to do in the creatures.  Only in this Sovereign Lady (Mary) did Our Love not find any obstruction, and It displayed so much and did so many Wonders, that It gave Her Divine Fecundity and made of Her the Mother of Her Creator.”

So, my beloved Jesus showed me all the Acts that He did together with His Celestial Mother, and while They were Operating, the Seas of Love from both of Them became one and, raising their Waves up to Heaven, invested everything, “even Our Divinity [shift to direct speech from Jesus]; forming a thick rain of Love upon Our Divine Being, they carried the Love of everyone—the refreshment and balm by which Our Divine Being remained soothed—turning Justice into Motion of Love for the creatures.  One can say that Our Love Regenerated the human family with New Love, and God Loved it with Doubled Love—but where?  In the Queen (Mary) and in Her dear Son.

“Now, listen to another surprise.  When I, as a little Baby, was suckling the Milk from My Mama (Mary), I suckled the souls, because She kept them in deposit, and in giving Me Her Milk She deposited all souls within Me; she wanted Me to Love them, kiss them all, and make of them My Victory and Her Own.  Not only this—in giving Me Milk She also made Me suckle her Maternity and Tenderness, imposing Herself on Me so that I Loved the souls with Maternal and Paternal Love.  I received Her Maternity and Her Unspeakable Tenderness within Me, so I Loved the souls with Divine, Maternal and Paternal Love.

“After She deposited all the souls within Me, with one of My Stratagems of Love—with a breath, with a sweet gaze—I redeposited them again in Her Maternal Heart, and to repay Her I gave Her My Paternal Love—My Divine Love which is unceasing, firm, unshakable and never moves.  Human love changes easily, so I wanted My inseparable Mother to have the same attributes of My Love, and to Love souls the way only a God can Love.  Therefore, every single Act We did, from the tiniest to the greatest, was an exchange of deposit of souls—I in Her, She in Me.  Even more, I can say that We duplicated this deposit of souls, because I kept inside My Divine Heart, with highest Jealousy, all that I received from My dear Mama, as the greatest Gift She could give to Me.  And She received My Gift so jealously that She used all her Maternity to keep that Gift which Her Son was giving to Her.  Now, in these exchanges of deposit, Our Love grew and Loved all creatures with New Love.   We formed Projects on how to Love them more and how to win them all, through Love, exposing Our Life to rescue them.”

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