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How the Divine Life has need of Nourishments in order to Grow in the creature. The creature, with her love, forms in God Himself His Divine Life.



How the Divine Life has need of Nourishments in order to Grow in the creature.  The creature, with her love, forms in God Himself His Divine Life.  How Divine Love Possesses the Seed of Generating Continuous Life.

My abandonment in the Divine Fiat continues, though I live in the nightmare of intense bitternesses, of continuous tears, and I am forced to live from the unhealthy air of agitations, that take away from me the beautiful Serene Day of Peace, always enjoyed by me.  I am resigned, I kiss the Hand that strikes me, but I feel, vividly, the fire that burns me, of the many storms that are unloading themselves over my poor existence.  My Jesus, help me; do not abandon me.  O please! give me Peace, that Peace that You so much wanted me to possess.  And even though Jesus often tears the veils of the thick clouds that surround me by speaking a few little words to me, afterwards, however, I return, a little cheered, to my restless state.

So, my sweet Jesus, surprising me, told me:  “My good daughter (Luisa), Courage, and do not fear that I might abandon you; I feel My Life in you, and if I abandoned you, this Life of Mine in you would remain without Food to make It Grow, without Light to make It Happy; the real Cortege of My Divine Life that I Myself have formed in you (Luisa) would be missing.  In fact, you must know that My Life within Myself has need of nothing—neither of growing, nor is It subject to decreasing; but My Life that I keep forming in the creature, in order to make It Grow, has need of Divine Nourishments to make It Grow, in such a way that little by little My Divine Life may fill all the creature.  Therefore, I (Jesus) cannot leave you (Luisa); and while it seems that I leave you, and it seems that everything is over between you and Me, all of a sudden I come back to My little daughter (Luisa) to Feed you the food of My Divine Will.  In fact, you must know that My Divine Will is Light, and the soul who Lives in It is administered the Properties of Light; and while she operates, her works fill themselves with Light—but so much, as to overflow outside, in such a way that they appear to be done within the properties of the Light of her Creator.  If she loves, the Properties of Divine Love fill the love of the creature; if she adores, the properties of the Divine Adoration fill the adoration of the creature.  In sum, there is not one act that the creature does that the Divine Properties do not fill these acts.  In My Divine Will, what is human ceases—it remains nullified, and the creature has always something to take; the Divine Properties are at her disposal.  Oh! if all knew what it means to Live in My Divine Will, the Great Good that comes to them—and in the most simple way.”

Then, I continued my abandonment in the Divine Fiat, and unable to do anything else, I kept saying my little “I love You” in the Divine Acts.  Not only this, but I was saying to myself:  “My Jesus, my Love, may my ‘I love You’ flow in Your Heartbeat, in Your Breath, on Your Tongue, in Your Voice, and even in the littlest Particles of Your Adorable Person.”  But while I was doing this, my dear Life, making Himself seen, made me place my “I love You” in His Heart, inside and outside of His whole Divine Person.  And He enjoyed it so much, that He incited me to repeat as many “I love You’s” as I could, so as to be able to find the well-liked “I love You” in His whole Being.

And then, clasping me to Himself, He told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), Love is Life, and when this Love comes out of (Luisa) the soul who Lives in My Divine Will, it has the Virtue of forming in God Himself the Life of Love.  And since the Substance of the Divine Life is Love, the creature, with her love, forms in God another Divine Life, and We feel inside of Our very Selves Our Life formed by the creature.  This Life that, with her love, United to Our Divine Will—because it is Our Divine Will that administers to her the Power, such that the creature can reach the point of forming the very Divine Life, all of Love, within God—this Life is the Triumph of God and the Triumph of the creature.  And in Act of Triumph We take this Divine Life that the creature has formed within Our very Selves, and We give It for the Good of all creatures as the Precious Gift that (Luisa) the little daughter of Our Divine Will gives to all; and We anxiously await her to come with her love to form more Divine Lives within Our Supreme Being.  My daughter (Luisa), Our Love is not sterile; on the contrary, It has the Seed of Generating Continuous Life; so, as you were saying ‘I love You’ in My Heartbeat, in My Breath, so I Generated another Heartbeat, another Breath—and so with all the rest, in such a way that I felt within Myself the New Generation of your ‘I love You’ that formed the New Life of My Love; and—oh! how Happy I felt, thinking that My daughter (Luisa) was forming for Me, inside of Me, My very Life within Me, all of Love.  If you knew how moving is this act of the creature, that with her love gives God to God….  Oh! how it enraptures Us; and feeling enraptured, We give more Love, to have the Contentment of making her repeat Our New Lives of Love.  Therefore, love, love very much, and you (Luisa) will make your sweet Jesus Happier.”

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