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Everything Should be Will of God within us



Fiat – In Voluntate Dei!

43.  My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

Oh, how I’d love that everything in you were Will of God!  I tell you as a mother that your concern about feeling cold, about not having one tear for the pains of Jesus and the like, almost unintentionally prevents the fullness of the life of the Divine Will in you, while everything should be Will of God within us:  cold, warmth, sleep, vigil, crying and not crying… There are tears of the heart, the tears of the soul, which are more bitter and transform us into our beloved Jesus.  The tears of the eyes relieve us, satisfy us, they are a vent, while the tears of the heart petrify us, and give us such a hard pain that there is no hope of relieve… Oh, how easily we pay attention to what we feel!  Feeling is not ours, it is not in our power; while Jesus, because He loves us very much, gave us our will into our power, so that, as we put it on the countertop of the Divine Will, it could turn into divine acts, which contain such immensity and power that we are unable to contain them; and dear Jesus, in order to allow us to possess them, makes the great prodigy of living within us to give us their possession.  And then, what happens?  Our life and our acts have the life and the acts of Jesus as their foundation.  Even our breathing takes origin in His breathing… Therefore, our coldness, the tears not shed, our pains, the involuntary distractions, can ask for the Kingdom of God upon earth.  They will be as many sweet pledges in the hands of Jesus, which bind Him to make the Kingdom of the Divine Will come upon earth.

Therefore, let’s be attentive, let us live as if we had no other life, no other word, but the Divine Will. (…)


The little daughter of the Divine Will.


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