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“Few souls understand what God would accomplish in them if they were to abandon themselves unreservedly to Him and if they were to allow His Grace to mold them accordingly.”
– St. Ignatius of Loyola



Letter #18. Send everything – pains, bitterness, strains – into the Divine Will; tell Him from the heart that you want nothing but His Will, and look at all things as bearers of a Will so holy, and you will see that the Fiat will defend you.  Don’t get discouraged, do not fear, do not lose peace, abandon yourself more than ever in the arms of the Divine Will, and be tranquil, waiting in full confidence for the helps and means which are necessary to you.

Letter #21. In every good act we do, every time we abandon ourselves in His arms, and every time we cry out from the depths of our heart:  “Lord, I want to do your Will”, the dear Little One repeats His birth.

Letter #23. I read your sorrowful letter and from the heart I feel compassion for you.  However, pluck up courage, do not abandon yourself to yourself; rather, abandon yourself in God and in the arms of our Queen Mama.   In your state of sorrow, they await you in their arms as their favorite one, because you are a daughter of sorrow; but they want you more peaceful, and less concerned about your state, because apprehension worsens the trouble, and makes one see it darker, and maybe worse than it really is.  And then, my daughter, I must tell you the truth, if you resign yourself, your state is the greatest state of sanctity; it is the jealousy of God that takes creatures away from you; it is because of the great love He has for you that, jealous, wanting to be loved and loving you very much, He takes everyone away from you.  Therefore, thank the Lord for He has placed His divine eyes upon you to make of you a saint.

Letter #42.  Courage, trust and abandonment in the arms of our adorable Jesus, in your pains.  I believe that they are nothing but raw material in His hands, in order to repeat His Life in you; and if you knew with how much love He is inside and outside of you, in order to shape you to Himself…!  Jesus feels the need to make of the creatures the repeaters of His Life, and He does so on the stake of suffering and love.  Sufferings are firewood, and love ignites it, while Jesus gives us the shape He wants, fully similar to Himself.  And woe to the world, if these stakes were not there!

Therefore, my daughter, let Jesus Do – let Him, the Celestial Doctor, Do.  And as He operates, your life will alternate, now with suffering, and now with sweet rest, which Jesus Himself will give to you.  Do not listen to so many stories of doctors, with many opinions, each one contrary to the other.  It is fair not to believe in any of them.  Stay with your peace, and until you find doctors who are in agreement with their opinions, don’t do anything.  Jesus, Who has helped you until now, will continue to help you.  Besides, He holds suffering in His hands; whenever He wants, He makes us feel it, and when He does not want, He gives the opium of His Will, and puts it to sleep.  Therefore, think about making yourself a saint.  In every pain, give Jesus a kiss, hug Him very tightly, and force Him to let the Kingdom of the Fiat come upon earth. (…)

Letter #57.  Place the Fiat before and after each one of your acts.  Everything you want, abandon it completely in the Divine Volition; do not worry, and It will take on the commitment of all your things.

Letter #86. …if we are not in the Divine Will, we are without a place, without a home, without means to live and to become saints.  If Jesus does not find His Will in us, He does not find the adaptable material to make us saints, nor can He make of us His faithful copy.  Therefore, my wish is that our will may rise again in His; in this way, you will give work to Jesus.  Oh, how happy He will be, and you too will feel His peace, confidence, love, and full abandonment in His arms.  You will feel safe, like a baby in the arms of her mama.  How happy you will be, and how happy will be dear Jesus!

Letter #90.  …I send you my wishes; but do you know which ones?  That you may no longer recognize yourself in yourself, but in Jesus.  Oh, how He will love you!  He will carry you in His arms, and give you a place in His little Heart.  Be attentive, and live all abandoned in Jesus.  Regards from my heart,

Letter #93.  In fact, by doing His Will in all our acts, both spiritual and natural, His image is formed and circulates like a coin throughout the Heavens.  However, this is what I recommend to you:  never lose heart; never be disturbed; try to live abandoned in the arms of Jesus, and He will be your Mama, your Father and your custodian.  You will feel Him living and palpitating within your soul, forming the life of your life.

Let us thank the Lord for all He has disposed upon us.  But I beg you to never go out of His Will.  In this way, the Lord will give you His own Love to love Him, His own Sanctity to make yourself a saint, His own Peace in the storms of life.  Together with Him, you will feel strong – of a divine strength – in the pains you suffer.  In this way you will fear nothing.

Pray for me, as I do it for you from the heart.  With my regards, and leaving you in the arms of the Divine Fiat, I say,


Luisa Piccarreta

Letter #108.  My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

I recommend that you do not lose peace, and that you live so abandoned in the Divine Will as to feel It as your own life.  If you do so, this Will so holy will take you upon Its maternal knees, more than a mother; It will hold you tightly to Its Divine Heart; It will raise you as Its beloved daughter.  So, in all your pains, you will feel your Mama near you, assisting you, guiding you and changing your little pains into a Sun and into little coins for Heaven.  In each pain, dear Jesus will give you a kiss, a hug, and will adorn your soul with most refulgent gems.  Therefore, courage, my daughter; never lose heart; never get discouraged.  It is Jesus that wants His daughter similar to Himself; aren’t you happy?  So, do not care about anything else but to live abandoned in His arms.  With this you will feel a new strength, and you will no longer feel alone; sufferings will turn for you into sanctity and into celestial joys.  Dear Jesus will give you His pains as courting, strength and company.

I leave you in the Divine Volition to make yourself a great saint; and sending you my regards from the heart, I say,

Most affectionately yours,

The little daughter of the Divine Will.

Corato, December 15, 1941

Letter #129.  Abandon yourself to the Divine Will.  Let Its Divine Life rise again in all your sufferings.


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