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 Maternal Appeal of the Queen of Heaven

Dearest child, I feel the irresistible need to come down from Heaven to make you my maternal visits. If you assure Me of your filial love and faithfulness, I will remain always with you in your soul, to be your teacher, model, example and most tender Mother.

I come to invite you to enter into the Kingdom of your Mama – the Kingdom of the Divine Will – and I knock at the door of your heart, that you may open it to Me. You know, with my own hands I bring you this book as gift; I offer it to you with maternal care so that in your turn, in reading it, you may learn to live of Heaven and no longer of earth.

This book is of gold, my child. It will form your spiritual fortune and your happiness also on earth. In it you will find the fount of all goods: if you are weak, you will acquire strength; if you are tempted, you will achieve victory; if you have fallen into sin, you will find the compassionate and powerful hand which will raise you again. If you feel afflicted, you will find comfort; if cold, the surest way to get warm; if hungry, you will enjoy the delicious food of the Divine Will. With It you will lack nothing; you will no longer be alone, because your Mama will keep you sweet company and with all her every maternal care will take on the commitment to making you happy. I, Celestial Empress, will take care of all your needs, provided that you agree to live united with Me.

If you knew my yearnings, my ardent sighs, and also the tears I shed for my children…! If you knew how I burn with desire that you listen to my lessons, all of Heaven, and learn to live of Divine Will…!

In this book you will see wonders; you will find a Mama who loves you so much as to sacrifice her own beloved Son for you, in order to allow you to live of that very life from which She lived on earth.

O please! Do not give Me this sorrow – do not reject Me. Accept this gift of Heaven I am bringing you; welcome my visit and my lessons. Know that I will go all over the world; I will go to each individual, to all families, to religious communities, to every nation, to all peoples, and if needed, I will go about for entire centuries until, as Queen, I have formed my people, and as Mother, my children, who would know the Divine Will and let It reign everywhere. Here is the purpose of this book explained to you. Those who will welcome it with love will be the first fortunate children to belong to the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, and with gold characters I will write their names in my maternal Heart.

Do you see, my child? That same infinite love of God, which wanted to use Me in the Redemption to make the Eternal Word descend upon earth, is now calling Me into the field once again, entrusting to Me the difficult task, the sublime mandate to form the children of the Kingdom of His Divine Will on earth. Therefore, with maternal care I put myself to work, preparing for you the way which will lead you to this happy Kingdom. For this purpose I will give you sublime and celestial lessons and, finally, I will teach you special and new prayers, through which you will bind the heavens, the sun, the Creation, my very life and that of my Son, and all the acts of the saints, so that in your name they may beseech the adorable Kingdom of the Divine Will. These prayers are the most powerful because they bind the divine work itself. Through them God will feel disarmed and conquered by the creature. Confident of this help, you will hasten the coming of His most happy Kingdom, and with Me you will obtain that the Divine Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven, according to the desire of the Divine Master.

Courage, my child; make Me content, and I will bless you.

Prayer to the Celestial Queen for each day of the month of May

Immaculate Queen, my Celestial Mother, I come onto your maternal knees to abandon myself in your arms as your dear child, and to ask of You, with the most ardent sighs – in this month consecrated to You – the greatest of graces: that You admit me to live in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

Holy Mama, You who are the Queen of this Kingdom, admit me to live in It as your child, that It may no longer be deserted, but populated by your children. Therefore, Sovereign Queen, I entrust myself to You, that You may lead my steps into the Kingdom of the Divine Will; and clinging to your maternal hand, You will lead all of my being to live perennial life in the Divine Will. You will be my Mama, and to You, my Mama, do I give my will, that You may exchange it with the Divine Will, and so I may be sure I will not go out of Its Kingdom. Therefore I beg You to illumine me in order to make me comprehend what ‘Will of God’ means.

 Hail Mary…

Little Sacrifice of the Month:

Each morning, midday and night – three times a day – let us go onto the knees of our Celestial Mama, and say to Her: “My Mama, I love You; and You – love me, and give a sip of Divine Will to my soul. Give me your blessing, that I may do all of my actions under your maternal gaze.

DAY 3 – My child, listen to Me; it is the heart of a mother that speaks to you, and as I see that you want to listen to Me, My Heart rejoices and feels the sure hope that My child will take possession of the Kingdom of the Divine Will, which I possess within My maternal Heart to give to My children. Therefore, be attentive in listening to Me, and write all My words within your heart, that you may always meditate on them, and mold your life according to My teachings.

DAY 4My child, if you knew how much I love to hold you tightly in my arms, leaning on my maternal Heart, to let you hear the celestial secrets of the Divine Fiat…! And if you sigh so much to listen to Me, those are my sighs that echo in your heart; it is your Mama that wants her child, and wants to entrust Her secrets to her, and to narrate to her the story of that which the Divine Will operated in Me.

Child of my Heart, pay attention to Me: it is my Heart of Mother that wants to pour itself out with her child.

I want you to imitate your Mama, I ask you, as a Mother, never to deny anything to your God, even though they might be sacrifices that would last all your life.

DAY 5 – You know that I am your Mother, and a Mama wants to see her child happy; but how can you be happy if you do not decide to live without the human will, as your Mama lived? If you do so, I will give you everything; I will place myself at your disposal, and I will be all for my child, provided that I receive the good, the contentment, the happiness, of having a child who lives all of Divine Will.

DAY 6 – I loved you so much that I acted as your Mother before God; my prayers and my sighs were for you, and in the delirium of a Mother, I said: “Oh, how I wish to see my child possessor of everything, just as I am!”

DAY 8 – Without knowing then that I was going to be the Mother of the Divine Word, I felt a double maternity in Me: maternity toward God, to defend His just rights; and maternity toward the creatures, to bring them to safety. I felt I was the Mother of all. The Divine Will which reigned in Me, and which knows not how to do isolated works, brought God and all creatures from all centuries into Me. In my maternal Heart I felt my God offended, wanting to be satisfied, and I felt the creatures under the rule of Divine Justice. Oh, how many tears I shed! I wanted to make my tears descend into each heart, in order to let everyone feel my maternity, all of love. I cried for you and for all, my child. Therefore, listen to Me; have pity on my crying. Take my tears in order to dampen your passions, and to make your will lose life. O please! accept my mandate – that you do always the Will of your Creator.

DAY 10 – I wanted to act as Queen and Mother, enclosing everyone in my Heart, to bring everyone to safety, and to give them the great gift of the Divine Kingdom. In my Heart I had a place for everyone, because for one who possesses the Divine Will there are no constraints – only infinite expanses. I looked also at you, my child – no one escaped Me. And since on that day everyone celebrated my birth, it was also feast for Me.

DAY 11 – I wanted to act as Queen and Mother, enclosing everyone in my Heart, to bring everyone to safety, and to give them the great gift of the Divine Kingdom. In my Heart I had a place for everyone, because for one who possesses the Divine Will there are no constraints – only infinite expanses. I looked also at you, my child – no one escaped Me. And since on that day everyone celebrated my birth, it was also feast for Me.

DAY 15 – My dearest child, how sweet is your whispering to my ears – hearing you say that you want to be enclosed in the living temple of the Divine Will, and that you want no other company but that of your Jesus and mine. Ah, dear child, you make the joys of a true Mother arise in my maternal Heart! If you let Me do it, I am certain that my child will be happy, and my joys will be hers; and to have a happy child is the greatest happiness and glory of a maternal heart.

DAY 17 – Cheer up, my child – have courage and trust in your Mama, and an iron resolution never to give life to your will. Oh, how I would love to hear from your lips: “My Mama, my will is finished, and the Divine Fiat has total empire within me.” These are the weapons which make it die continuously, and which conquer the Heart of your Mama to use all the loving arts of Mother, so that Her child may live in the Kingdom of Her Mama.

DAY 20 – My child, you must know that from the moment I was conceived, I loved you as Mother, I felt you within my Heart, I burned with love for you, but I did not understand why. The Divine Fiat would make me do things, but would keep the secret hidden from Me. But as He incarnated Himself, He revealed the secret to Me, and I understood the fecundity of my maternity – I was to be not only Mother of Jesus, but Mother of all; and this maternity was to be formed on the stake of suffering and of love. My child, how much I have loved you, and I do love you!

DAY 22 – And I, in order to fulfill the Supreme Volition, deprived Myself of my innocent joys, beginning, with works and sacrifices, the office of Mother – of giving Jesus to all.

DAY 23

Therefore, in addition to the right of Mother which I had over all, I acquired the right of Mother and Queen of all Sorrows.

DAY 28 – Now, listen to Me, my child; I want to speak to you as a Mother who loves her child very much.

DAY 31 – I want to make my testament to you, leaving you as dowry that same Will which your Mama possesses, and which filled Me with so much grace, to the point of making of Me the Mother of the Word, Lady and Queen of the Heart of Jesus, and Mother and Queen of all.

Meditation 1 – As I became Mother of Jesus and your Mother, my seas of love doubled, and unable to contain them all, I felt the need to pour them out, and to be the first bearer of Jesus to creatures, even at the cost of great sacrifices.

Meditation 4 – My dearest child, my Heart of Mother rejoiced at the faithfulness, the correspondence and the sacrifice of these Magi Kings, to come to know and adore my Son. But I cannot hide from you a secret sorrow of mine: among many, only three. In the history of the centuries, how many times is this sorrow of mine and this human ingratitude not repeated! My Son and I do nothing but make stars arise, one more beautiful than the other, to call some to know their Creator, some to sanctity, some to rise again from sin, some to the heroism of a sacrifice… But do you want to know what these stars are? A painful encounter is a star; a truth that one comes to know is a star; a love unrequited by other creatures is a star; a setback, a suffering, a disillusion, an unexpected fortune, are as many stars which shed light in the minds of creatures. Caressing them, they want to make them find the Celestial Infant, who fidgets with love, shivers with cold, and seeks a refuge in their hearts to be known and loved. But, alas, I who hold Him in my arms, wait in vain for the stars to bring Me creatures, in order to place Him in their hearts, and my maternity is restrained and hindered. While I am the Mother of Jesus, I am prevented from being the Mother of all, because they are not around Me, and do not look for Jesus. So the stars hide, and they remain in the Jerusalems of the world, without Jesus. What sorrow, my child, what sorrow! It takes correspondence, fidelity and sacrifice to follow the stars; and if the sun of the Divine Will rises in the soul – how much attention does it not take. Otherwise, one remains in the darkness of the human will.

Now, my child, as they entered Jerusalem, the holy Magi Kings lost the star, but in spite of this they did not stop looking for Jesus. However, as they went outside the city, the star reappeared and led them, festive, into the grotto of Bethlehem. I received them with Mother’s love, and the dear Baby looked at them with great love and majesty, letting His Divinity shine through His little Humanity. Bowing down, they knelt at His feet, adoring and contemplating that celestial beauty; they recognized Him as true God. They remained enraptured, ecstatic – enjoying Him; so much so, that the Celestial Baby had to withdraw His Divinity into His Humanity, otherwise they would have remained there, unable to move from His divine feet.

Then, as they came round from their rapture, in which they offered the gold of their souls, the incense of their faith and adoration, the myrrh of their whole beings and of any sacrifice He might have wanted of them, they added the offering of external gifts, symbols of their interior acts: gold, incense and myrrh. But my love of Mother was not yet content; I wanted to place the sweet Baby in their arms, and – oh, with how much love did they kiss Him and press Him to their breasts! They felt paradise in advance within them. Through this, my Son bound all the gentile nations to the knowledge of the true God, and placed the goods of Redemption, the return to faith of all peoples in common for all. He constituted Himself King of the rulers; and ruling over all with the weapons of His love, of His pains and of His tears, He called the Kingdom of His Will upon earth. And I, your Mama, wanted to be the first apostle. I instructed them; I told them the story of my Son, of His ardent love; I recommended that they make Him known to all, and assuming the first place of Mother and Queen of all Apostles, I blessed them, I had them blessed by the dear Baby, and, happy and in tears, they left again for their regions. But I did not leave them; I accompanied them with maternal affection, and to repay them, I let them feel Jesus in their hearts. How happy they were! You must know that only when I see that my Son has dominion, possession, and forms His perennial dwelling in the hearts of those who search for Him and love Him – then do I feel a true Mother.

Now a little word to you, my child: if you want Me to act as your true Mother, let me place Jesus in your heart. You will make Him happy with your love; you will feed Him with the food of His Will, because He takes no other food; You will clothe Him with the sanctity of your works. And I will come into your heart, I will raise my dear Son again together with you, and will perform the office of Mother for you and for Him; in this way I will feel the pure joys of my maternal fecundity. You must know that anything which does not begin from Jesus, who is inside the heart – be they even the most beautiful works on the outside – cannot please Me, because they are empty of the life of my dear Son.

Meditation 6 – My dearest child, my Heart is swollen with love, and I felt the need to tell you the reason why, together with my Son, I wanted to be present at this wedding of Cana. Do you think it was because of a simple ceremony? No, child; there are profound mysteries. Pay attention to Me, and I will tell you new things: how my love of mother was displayed in an incredible manner, and how the love of my Son gave true signs of paternity and royalty for the creatures.

Now listen to Me. My Son had come back from the desert, and was preparing Himself for His public life; but first He wanted to be present at this wedding, and therefore He allowed Himself to be invited. We went there, not to celebrate, but to work great things for the human generations. My Son took the place of Father and King in the families, and I took the place of Mother and Queen. With Our presence We renewed the sanctity, the beauty, the order of the marriage formed by God in the Garden of Eden – that of Adam and Eve – married by the Supreme Being in order to populate the earth, and to multiply and increase the future generations. Marriage is the substance from which arises the life of the generations; it can be called the trunk from which the earth is populated. The priests, the religious, are the branches; but if it were not for the trunk, not even the branches would have life. Therefore, through sin, by withdrawing from the Divine Will, Adam and Eve caused the family to lose its sanctity, beauty and order. And I, your Mama, the new innocent Eve, together with my Son, went to reorder that which God did in Eden; I constituted Myself Queen of families, and impetrated the grace that the Divine Fiat might reign in them, that I might have families which would belong to Me, holding the place of Queen in their midst.

But this is not all, my child. Our love was burning, and We wanted to make known to them how much We loved them, and to give them the most sublime of lessons. And here is how: at the height of the lunch, wine lacked, and my Heart of mother felt consumed with love, wanting to give help. Knowing that my Son can do anything, with supplicating accents, but certain that He would listen to me, I say to Him: “My Son, the spouses have no more wine.” And He answers Me: “My hour to do miracles has not yet come.” And knowing that He certainly would not deny what His Mama asked of Him, I say to those who are serving the table: “Do what my Son tells you, and you will have what you want; even more, you will receive in addition, and in superabundance.”

My child, in these few words I gave a lesson, the most useful, necessary and sublime for the creature. I spoke with the heart of a mother and I said: “My children, do you want to be holy? Do the Will of my Son. Do not move from what He tells you, and you will have His likeness, His sanctity in your power. Do you want all evils to cease? Do whatever my Son tells you. Do you want any grace, even difficult? Do whatever He tells you and wants. Do you also want the necessary things of natural life? Do whatever my Son tells you. Because in His words, in everything He tells you and wants, He encloses such power that, as He speaks, His word contains what you ask for, and makes the graces you desire arise within your souls. How many see themselves as full of passions, weak, afflicted, unfortunate and miserable; yet, they pray and pray, but because they do not do what my Son asks, they obtain nothing; Heaven seems to be closed for them. This is a sorrow for your Mama, because I see that while they pray, they move away from the source in which all goods reside – the Will of my Son.

Now, those who were serving did precisely what my Son said to them – that is: “Fill the jars with water and bring them to the table.” My dear Jesus blessed that water and it turned into delicious wine. Oh, a thousand times blessed, the one who does what He says and wants! With this, my Son gave Me the greatest honor, He constituted Me Queen of miracles; this is why He wanted my union and my prayer in doing His first miracle. He loved Me too much – so much that He wanted to give Me first place as Queen in miracles also. And with facts, not with words, He said: “If you want graces and miracles, come to my Mother; I will never deny anything She wants.”

In addition to this, my child, with my presence at this wedding, I looked at the future centuries. I saw the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth; I looked at families, and I pleaded for them to symbolize the love of the Sacrosanct Trinity, so that Its Kingdom might be in full force. And with my rights of Mother and Queen, I took to heart Its regime, and possessing the source of it, I placed at the creatures’ disposal all of the graces, the helps and the sanctity needed to live in a Kingdom so holy. So I keep repeating: “Do whatever my Son tells you.”

My child, listen to Me: look for nothing else, if you want to have everything in your power, and give Me the contentment of being able to make of you my true child, and child of the Divine Will. Then will I take on the commitment of forming the marriage between you and the Fiat; and acting as your true Mother, I will bind the marriage by giving you the very life of my Son as dowry, and my maternity and all my virtues as gift.


LETTER #17 – “My life will start today; I am born again together with my Queen Mama, with Jesus, and with the Divine Will.”

LETTER #28 – But to the ladies who ask for graces I say that the most powerful means to obtain them is to do the Divine Will, to put their wills into the hands of the Queen so that She may exchange them with the Divine, and also to give Her the first place as Queen and Mother of their families.  Oh, how the Heavenly Lady will feel enraptured!  As the first miracle, She will give them Her own Son as gift; She will enclose Him in their hearts that they may live together, and She Herself will stay to take care of Her dear Son.  And to us, her children, She will give peace and put order between Creator and creature.  Once She has done this, the rest will come by itself, always provided that it is for the good of their souls…

LETTER # 35 – Dearest brother in Jesus Christ,

I was immensely pleased by your request for the book of the Queen of Heaven, thinking that the Celestial Mama comes also to the prison to visit you and to be your Mother, Teacher, consoler; and also to give you her sweet company in order to teach you how to live from the Divine Will, and form, in prison too, the Kingdom of the Divine Volition.

Therefore, my brother, courage, trust, for you have a Celestial Mama who loves you very much, who will never leave you, and if you listen to Her, will make a sanctuary of the prison.  And if human weakness took you to prison, the Sovereign Queen comes with the strength of the Divine Will to take you to Heaven and render your days less sad; even more, She will turn pains, privations, loneliness, into ransoms and eternal conquests; She will make you feel the peace that, even in the world, cannot be enjoyed.  The Divine Will will transform you, and you will feel the new life that the Celestial Lady brings you.

Know that I am your sister in prison.  For more than fifty years the Supreme Fiat has kept me imprisoned in a bed.  Yet, I am glad – I am happy; but what makes me happy?  The Divine Will, Which I try to do always.  You too can be happy, if you do the Divine Will.  Oh, how It will change your bitterness!  You will feel a true divine strength that will ease your painful state.  Never neglect the Rosary to the Celestial Mother, and if you can, be a missionary in the prison, by making known that the Queen of Heaven wants to visit all the prisoners to give them the gift of the Divine Will.  And if you need some more copies and you cannot pay, I am willing to send them for free.

I leave you under the mantle of the Celestial Mother, listening to Her lessons of Heaven – and with a thousand regards, I say,

 your most affectionate sister,

the little daughter of the Divine Will

LETTER #75 – When the book  “The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will” was published in Italy, this good Mother took the first step to let us comprehend how much She loves us; so much so, as to take us onto her lap, to give us this gift of which She is the bearer.  But the machinations of the enemies of her little book hindered her step, and She was sent back into the heavenly regions.  From there, with invincible patience, She is waiting for a change of times, of people and of conditions, in order to continue her way, and give us that which is now despised.

LETTER #112 – …continue to call many children around the Father and the Celestial Mother.

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