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Jesus Wants to Cover all Souls with His Blood and Burn them with His Love


van-dyck-crucifixion-1622V33 – (Luisa says): I am in the Arms of the Divine Will, but with a nail in my heart for the privation of my sweet Jesus. I wait, and wait again, and just waiting is the suffering that tortures me more. The hours seem like centuries to me; the days, interminable. And if, may it never be, doubt presents itself that my dear Life, sweet Jesus, will not come anymore, O! then I do not know what happens to me. I want to undo myself of me, of the same Divine Will that holds me imprisoned on this earth, and with rapid flight go from it to Heaven. But not even this is given to me, because Its chains are so strong that they are not subject to breaking, and I feel myself bound more strongly, so much so that hardly is it given to me to think about it, and I end with a more intense abandonment in the Supreme Fiat.

            But while I was delirious, not being able to endure anymore, my always Lovable Jesus returned to His little daughter, making Himself seen with a Wound in His Heart that poured Blood and Flames, as if He wanted to cover all souls with His Blood and burn them with His Love. And all Goodness He told me: “My daughter, Courage, your Jesus also suffers, and the sufferings that give Me more Sorrow are intimate sufferings that make Me shed Blood and Flames. But My greater suffering is the continuous waiting. My Gazes are always fixed on souls, and as I see that a creature is fallen into sin, then I wait, and I wait again, for her return to My Heart in order to pardon her. And not seeing her come, I wait with the pardon in My Hands. That waiting embitters the suffering and forms such a torment for Me, as to make Me shed Blood and Flames from My transfixed Heart. The hours, the days, that I wait, seem years to Me. O! how hard it is to wait.


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